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Take a Look at the Best Casino Games

You can find a great variety in the casino gambling, owing to the great number of the best casino games available. Whether you play at a classic casino, or at some online casino, most of the times you will discover a huge gaming choice. This is simply one of the many explanations of the common popularity of the best casino games for gambling.

You can find a plethora of existing games, quite more than most of the people know about. However, just several of these could be counted as really popular. They are common in most venues. These games are roulette, video poker, slots, blackjack, and craps.

List of the Top Casino Games

The fans of classic betting will find all the original best casino games that made gambling so popular.

The game of Blackjack

This casino game is hugely popular for many reasons. It is a simple game to understand for beginners and has a very low house edge as well. This means that you have a decent probability of winning whenever you play it. The least that you can accomplish in this game is to last more with a certain amount of money. There is also a considerable skill needed for greater results in this game, so to some degree, you can affect the outcome. Although you depend on luck, you can minimize the total importance of luck.

Try a game of slots

reasons why to try a game of online slotsWithin the most common best casino games that you can find are definitely the slots. There is a lot of fun in playing them and they are simple. With them comes the probability to win major sums, there are certain games that feature jackpots amounting to millions of dollars. Slots have been available for a long time, and it should be noted that they have changed considerably through time. The contemporary machines available in classic casinos are a way too different from their predecessors, and when it comes to the games online, the games are immensely more developed.

Video poker games

The software is the key to this online cards game. In essence, the video poker is grounded in five card draw poker, although you don’t play against other players. Of course, it doesn’t come with physical cards, because video poker could be played only on machines as opposed to card tables. Because payouts depend on hand strength, the main objective is just to make the top hand possible. You can find several variations of this game and you should use a considerable amount of strategy in choosing which card to keep and which card to discard. If you have the best play and proper circumstances, you have the chance to almost entirely get rid of the house edge.

Spinning the roulette

This game is highly popular and you can find roulette in virtually every casino you decide to visit. It is totally easy to play and comes with a great range of bets that you can place, which makes it a favorite game for casino players worldwide. Roulette is a 100% game of chance and you can’t employ a strategy to make your odds better.

The game of craps

Among the gambling dice games, there are just few that could be played in casinos and craps is definitely the most popular and known of them. The basic rules are considerably easy, however, there are complications, because of the great selection of various available bets. In addition, there are rules concerning when you can make bets and which ones you can make.

Other Popular Casino Games

The development of online betting and the new sites on the web has led to expanding the variety of best casino games on the market by including:

Playing baccarat

can you play free baccarat on the webBaccarat is among the oldest of all existing casino games. This game is commonly associated with high rollers. In many casinos exclusively the richest players used to try their chances in this game. Things have changed and nowadays all budget players can have fun playing baccarat. It is quite simple to be acquainted with the game’s rules and baccarat has a surprisingly low house edge.

Play the game of Let It Ride Poker

Let It Right Poker is one of the newest introductions to the best casino games when compared to more classic ones, but it has already been known for a few years. It has been a huge success so far, maybe because it is so much fun to play. There is a single premise with this game and it is “the better hand you have, the more often you will win”.

The game of Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is another very enjoyable kind of casino poker. It has pretty straightforward rules and this game is associated with large payouts when you have strong hands. In most versions there is a progressive jackpot that could be won if a royal flush is dealt. The game involves a little strategy which is simple to learn.

The 3 Card Poker game

As a relatively new game, 3 Card Poker is probably the easiest of any poker casino games. It has a loose connection to the classic gambling game brag but in the case of 3 Card Poker you play against the house, not against other players. Similar to the most games of this kind, payouts are straightforwardly connected to how strong is your hand, so the bigger the hand strength is, the larger the payout is.

Try a game of Keno

Keno is kind of lottery casino game, quite similar to Bingo. Because it is a game of 100% chance, it is very simple to play. So it has an appeal for those players who enjoy betting without having to think much. Basically, all that you do in this game is to pick numbers and then hope that the same numbers will be drawn from a pile.

The game of Pai Gow Poker

Despite being not so popular as the other mentioned casino games, this one is fairly common. Pai Gow Poker is loosely based on the Chinese PaiGow dominoes game, but in its case, cards are used rather than dominoes. The rules are a little strange, but you will get familiar with them after you have played the game several times.

Play Casino Hold’em

This game is quite similar to the most common poker game Texas Hold’em. The major difference from classic poker is that in this game you don’t play against other players, but against the casino. You should make a decision after you have placed the ante bet and the flop is then on the board. You can either call with a double amount of your first bet or fold your hand. You can place side bets preflop in order to qualify for the payouts of the bonus, which could be up to hundred to one for a royal flush.

The game of Sic Bo

It is a popular casino game, which results are determined by dice. Three dice are used and the betting options are more than those in craps. The wagers you can place are more than dozen various kinds, you can even place a wager for the sum to be big (11-17) or small (4-10) or odd/even.

Scratch cards games

come to learn how to play scratch cardsMany people love the excitement which various lottery tickets and scratch card give them. Casino operators have moved this fun online, providing a superb variety of casino games. Basically, in order to receive a profit, you have to complete a given pattern or to match a winning symbol. Probably the maximum you can win is the hugely impressive 10000 times of the amount you bet.

Various kinds of casino games

The top casino games we mentioned, and certainly all other casino games, can be put in various categories. The games are classified in several traditional categories, and there is also a classification according to the level of skill and the size of a house edge involved. Below you will find casino gaming options according to game-play, difficulty as well as a list with informative links.

Main Categories of Casino Games

These are the categories mainly used for classification of the best casino games. Some games could be considered as falling into more than one category, especially when reviewing real money casinos.

Games with cards

As the name suggest, the best games played with cards fall into this category. Because these games are played on tables, they are also included in the category of table games. On the other hand, card games are viewed by many people as special kind of games deserving their own category. The most popular card games that you can play at a casino are baccarat, blackjack, and Caribbean Stud Poker.

Try some table games

Pretty much the games which you can play on a table. This category includes most of the card games, and other common examples are craps and roulette.

Play electronic games

A bit outdated category, because it includes the games that are played on a machine as opposed to a table. Obviously, this category applies to any online game. It includes games such as video poker and slots in land based casinos.

Lottery type of games

In general, these type of best casino games are not the most common in the casinos. They don’t involve thinking, decision, and strategy at all and are based totally on luck. Probably the most popular of this category casino games is Keno.

Games with a jackpot

If a game provides the opportunity of winning a jackpot, it is considered as included in this category. This means that since many video poker games ,slots, and table games come with jackpots, they fall into this category. For example, the Caribbean Stud Poker quite often comes with a progressive jackpot that you can win with a royal flush.

Casino Games According to House Edge

does the betting wheel have a low house edgeBecause there are considerable advantages in playing casino games with a low edge, it makes sense to categorize them by the house edge’s size. Of course, you should not ignore the games with a high edge, because quite often they give you the opportunity to win larger payouts compared to the amounts deposited.

Games with a low edge

To some degree, it is debatable what exactly is a low house edge, because it depends on the different players what is considered low enough, or too high. Of course, there are casino games which are commonly accepted by all as having a low edge, and these are for example baccarat, blackjack, and PaiGow Poker. Some options of video poker come with very low edges as well, in addition to several certain bets in craps. It should be noted that there are games with a low edge, such as blackjack, where a proper strategy is needed in order for the house edge to remain low.

High edge Games to play

Among the highest house edges you can find in a casino is this which Keno has: about 25%, and this is considered one of the reasons for the decline of popularity of this game. Other examples are American roulette which has a higher edge when compared to European roulette – 5.26% and 2.70% respectively. In some bets in craps, the house edge is above 10%. Regarding the house edge in slots, it could reach 15%.

Best games according to skill factor

Because all casino games are dependent on random outcome, all of them are in essence reliant on luck. Despite that major dependence, in some of the best casino games a degree of skill is involved. Such games are quite common with many players because the players have fun in knowing that they can exert influence over the outcomes of a game. However, they are other players, who have a preference toward “pure chance gambling” and would like to rely solely on their luck.

Games with a high skill factor

The best example of a game with a high skill factor is blackjack because every decision in this game affects the probability of winning. Blackjack has the highest skill factor. It is possible to learn a strategy and really master blackjack if you can learn how to count your cards. It is definitely very difficult to learn this skill. There is significant skill involved in video poker as well, where you should know whether to keep or discard certain cards.

For some people playing craps involve a skill, apparently because dice control could be learned. Of course, there is an ongoing debate over whether this is a possibility at all, and even if it is, it would be a superb skill to master.

is keno one of the low skill factor gamesLow skill factor Games

A low skill level is involved with several casino games. By a working definition, these are games where there could be an effect on the house edge by your decisions although not significant one. Basically, this category includes all poker casino games.

Games based on pure chance

As suggested by the name, the probability of winning and the house edge in this games are not influenced whatsoever by some strategy, decisions or thinking. What matters is 100% chance. The best examples of these games are probably slots, but there are many more. Baccarat and roulette are other examples.

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How to Choose the Best Casino Games?

Certainly, there are multiple “right” answers to this question, depending on which players you ask. Because of individual preferences, there is no top casino game “per se”. For example, there are people who totally enjoy playing slots, where for many others this game is just a waste of money and time. There are players who have a great fun with blackjack, which at the same time is considered by others as too slow and requiring a lot of thinking.

We can’t decide for you which games you should play because it is absolutely your choice. Our honest suggestion is that you try playing several various ones first, and in this way discover which ones are most suitable for you. Reaching a decision is not an easily defined process, but you can use the following factors to make it easier:

  • Potential payout – The various games provide you with a different chance to win large according to your stake.
  • Enjoyment – The games that you personally find most fun to play.
  • House edge – In the long run, you have a better value for your money with a low house edge.
  • Skill factor – what is your preference: games relying on 100% chance or on some skill as well?

These are all essential factors and enjoyment is probably the most important of them because at the end, casino gambling should be entirely about fun and pleasure.

find sic bo among the best casino gamesA large part of the temptation in best casino games is the wide variety you can find. You don’t need to stick to a favorite one at all, or to play just few games. It is perfectly fine as long as you want to do it, but it is truly great if you can experience many more available options. Every single time you could choose a various game to play and it will take a really long time to try all of them. You shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting with new games, this way you can have more fun.

Playing Online Casino Games: Advantages

Some people would rather play at a classic brick and mortar casino close to their home, or in a bar with slots. There is certainly some appeal in the traditional casinos, but there are also massive advantages in the casino games you can play online that can’t be ignored. These are several of them:

  • The variety of games – there are so many various games at even the smallest online casino, which even the largest brick and mortar casino can’t accommodate. Because the internet is immense, casino websites don’t have a concern over space. This is very important because it allows a constant addition of new games without sacrificing the old ones. So you should really consider this fact: the game variety of land based casinos stays overall constant in size, and the game variety of most internet casinos is constantly growing.
  • Gigantic bonuses – despite the fact that in some cases traditional casinos offer promotions, these promotions are nothing compared to the size and number of the ones offered by online casinos. Abundant bonuses are given by the online casinos to all players: for beginners, for regular players, and there are VIP clubs rewarding the players which are most loyal.
  • Higher RTP – Arguably the most important advantage of online casino gambling. Usually, the traditional casinos set their house edge higher when internet casinos keep it very low. It is understandable, because land-based casinos have higher expenses, but the fact is nonetheless essential for the players because the lower house edge means more money for them.
  • You can play as you go – When registering at an online casino, you get the chance to play wherever you are and on various devices on the go. It should be noted that at present all online casinos give you the opportunity to play while you are moving, and there is a lot of investment in making more games available for mobile use.

Obviously, there are huge advantages in playing online and undoubtedly you should give it a try with the top online casino games. One of the few disadvantages with online games is the missing social interaction. However, there is a solution for this as well. You have the possibility to play live dealer games on the internet and to have the best features of both types of gambling: the convenience of playing at home or from wherever you wish, and the excitement of gambling with real people.

Frequently asked Questions Regarding Casino Games

To help those who are unfamiliar with gaming at a real money casino, we provide answers to questions about the best casino games online.

Do you have to download some casino client in order to play online games? Are you able to play in browser mode?

You definitely don’t have to, as there are no obligations and requirements forcing you to install any type of software in order to be able to play the best casino games on the internet. Most of the online operators have an option for instant play. So it is your choice whether you will decide to download the provided casino client, or to play in browser mode. You should, however, bear in mind that there is a somewhat limited choice of games with some instant play casinos. There is also another positive side of the casino clients and it is that with them you don’t need a great internet connection, but you need it with flash casinos.

Are the wagering requirements toward your welcome bonus equal for all online casino games?

what are the requirements toward your welcome bonusIt would be great if they were, but in reality, they are not. The play through bonus requirements are different for every casino game. Most of the times the slots contribute hundred percent, and blackjack and roulette come to about 10 and 20 percent respectively. There are many variations of these figures, according to each operator.

Are you able to play best casino games in a practice mode, for free, for entertainment?

You can definitely do that. The top casinos online provide you with the chance to play in practice mode and test the games, or have a session free of charge anytime you want. However, this doesn’t apply to all games. Most of the casinos allow you to play the live dealer and multiplayer games only for real money.

Are you able to play online casino games on your mobile device and what games can be played if yes?

Almost all online casinos provide a mobile version that can be accessed from your Android device, iPhone or iPad. Apps are simple to get, iOS users can get them in the AppStore. However, the easiest way is to make a scan of the QR codes available on the casino websites. It is simple and user -friendly to use the apps, unfortunately, the gaming options with them are quite limited. Still, all best online casino operators provide you with at least one of the top gambling options for mobile.

Can you be confident that the internet casino games are not manipulated?

The fairness of the featured best casino games is guaranteed by the online casinos on many levels. The trusted online operators use only the products of software companies with great reputation. Moreover, you can be assured that the outcome of any game is fair if it is provided by Microgaming or Playtech. In addition, all trusted operators are strictly controlled by the tasting agencies and government bodies that monitor them very strictly.

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