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Perfect Guide to the Best Casino Slots for Real Money

Our casino professionals have been playing the best casino slots regularly, since the launching of real money online casino slot machines more than ten years ago. Their experience has served for developing resources and strategy guides for selecting the top internet casino platforms and offering you the most suitable real money online slot websites. Take a look at our guide to online casino slots.

How to Play Slot Games Like a Professional

You have assumed that you have learned everything when it comes to the best casino slots? Well, your assumption may be wrong. For example, the one-armed bandit term is so outdated, so 1970’s when the only real money slot machines were the traditional three reel machines with bananas, cherries or other random fruits. However, the top casino slots at present have a great variety. Even the most conventional slot machines nowadays have twenty-five or fifty pay lines, five reels and weird symbols having nothing in common with fruits. Also, there are random jackpots, free bonus games, bonus rounds and much more.

best casino slots picWe have a detailed explanation of slot casino strategy in the following guide, but in the beginning, we would like to explain the fundamentals and start with the slots quick tips:

  • The more pay lines you wager on, the better – if you are a budget player, make the amount of your bet smaller instead of decreasing the total of play lines you wish to play.
  • Always check the rules carefully before you place a bet – there is a minimum amount of a bet required to win some jackpots and bonuses. Always make sure that you have checked the rules before placing a bet so you would not face disappointment.
  • Take advantage of the unique features – many contemporary internet casino slots offer features such as Fast Play or Autoplay to increase the speed of your games.
  • Use the free spins to practice – there is a free practice option of many of the best casino slots for real money so you can get to know the rules while not putting your money at risk. Moreover, you can use the services of casinos offering bonuses that include free spins.

Can your Chances be Enhanced?

The mistress of internet casino slots is Lady Luck because, in essence, these machines are almost entirely a game of pure chance. Luck has the final say about the fall of reels and whether eventually you will lose or win. However, apart from this fundamental rule, there are several tricks you can try to enhance your odds and to try to win the best casino slots prices.

All choices starting from your selected casino and the games of your choice to the total number of lines played including the size of the coins will have a significant influence on your possible success. On the other hand, there are many myths when it comes to strategies for slots winning – you should dispose of any knowledge about casino slots that are due to win. We are quite serious about this advice. Just put an end of reading all of this nonsense and totally forget about it. If you are ready to do it, take a look now at the remaining part of this page to see what works, so when you face a slot machine again, you will have the confidence that you have done everything needed in the chase for a winning session.

First Tip: Online Casino Slots and Cash – Transactions and Bonuses

When you register at an internet casino, you need to make a new player account and deposit with real money at least once before you can win whatever. So, if you have already decided to follow this process, you can in the meantime get the best out of it by using the abundant welcome bonuses by the online casinos. Usually, they are monetary bonuses which are equal to the total you have deposited (for example, a hundred percent match bonus) and these promotions can offer a tremendous welcome encouragement to your bankroll.

best casino slots atomisOn the other hand, before being able to make a withdrawal of this money, eventually, you will need to bet a given amount. Lose or win, after you meet the betting requirements any bonus money that remains can usually be turned into cash. Make sure you make comparisons between casinos to be able to get the biggest bonuses possible and of course with betting requirements that couldpractically be met. Being a slots playeris a great thing for you since you are confident that the action at the casino slots counts when you take advantage of any bonus. That is, in fact, your initial step on the way to winning, before even starting to spin the reels.

Second Tip: Selecting the Most Suitable Casino Slot Machines

In regards to selecting the best casino slots, you would like one that offers the best payout percentage out there. This is a very easy to find information whenever you are playing slots at an internet slots casino UK, but if you play at a live casino, you may need to turn to your intuition. Observe the rest of the slots players so you can see which are the machines that give out many wins. If you still have doubts, you can assume that live casinos have located the most generous slot machines near the public areas like walkways so that the other players will notice more often winning players.

Once you have selected your particular casino slot machine and game, it is crucial to decide how much to bet. It is the segment of the casino slots strategy that can, in fact, change the odds you encounter. A significant number of slot machines, specifically those with big progressive jackpots, offer enhanced odds to players wagering the maximum coins number. Even if it requires making the size of the coins you use smaller, you need to wager a sufficient number of coins to make the probability of winning big prizes real. Just ensuring a tiny chance of winning one of these huge payouts is enough to improve the machine’s payout percentage. Keep in mind that you can find slots casino UK games with proportionally to your wager size increasing price amounts, and therefore, you can wager in any style you want.

The Different Kinds of Casino Slot Machines

  • Three reel classics – these are traditional casino slot machines where you have to have three matching symbols lined up on a single pay line.
  • Multi-reel and multi-pay line – it offers you many pay lines to play with over multiple reels. Most of the times you will encounter multi reels having twenty-five or fifty pay lines.
  • Progressive slots – these are some of the best casino slots are connected via a network with as many as thousands of players feeding into a gigantic jackpot. The winner has the pleasure to get a huge payday.

How do Slots Work?

The top internet casino slots are as easy to deal with as spinning and winning which makes them stunningly simple to play. If you have the ability to click on some buttons, then you can play internet slot machines for real money. Take a look at how you may play multi pay line casino slots in just three easy steps:

  • best casino slots festChoose the exact number of lines you want to play and your bet per spin amount.
  • Push the spin button in order to start the reels. At the moment they stop, you will get your pay according to the symbols which line up on the pay lines.
  • You need to get three or more connecting symbols to win a prize. By playing at multi pay line slots, you can win when your symbols are connected diagonally and when they are connected horizontally.

We admit that even the best casino slots are a game of chance mostly, but you can, in fact, make certain decisions to enhance your probability of winning and the first choice is where and what to play.

How to Select the Best Slot Casino? Why it is Essential?

Professional gamblers can quite often enhance their probability of winning at any of the casino slot machines by meticulously choosing classic or some of the new internet casinos and their slot games relying on several key criteria. Take a look at it.

Always Look for the Largest Payout Percentage

This is the amount the slots casino UK will pay you in the shape of winnings. For example, a slot which has a ninety-eight percent payout rate will pay ninety-eight dollars for every hundred dollars wagered. The two dollars that remain are the casino’s profit.

Of course, you should not expect exactly ninety-eight percent return on your bet because the payout percentage is dispersed over an extended stretch of time and among thousands of different players. On the other hand, an essential rule is to select a casino with a big payout percentage.

Always Watch for Progressive Jackpots

In most cases, the best casino slots have a smaller payout rate than the regular slots, so it is not advisable to play them all the time. On the other hand, the mere fact that you can hit huge winnings means that it is worth to keep an eye on them.

The tracker for progressive jackpots allows you to observe the history of the payouts of the top progressive internet slots so you can select the most suitable time to play for the huge win.

Play at a Casino with an Excellent Reputation and Quick Payouts

The best casino slots are those offering the top combination of user-friendly software, big jackpots, machine variety and of course, the most enjoyable experience. However, you also have to ensure that you are playing at a secure and safe casino with a great reputation where you can have your winnings funded into your account promptly.

Our advice: don’t play at casinos with slow times for payout, it is a classic strategy of delaying intended at making you spending the money you have won before being paid out. Take a look at our recommendation for the best quick paying casinos chosen by our reviewers.

Strategy for Winning at Slots

Naturally, slots are a game of chance. Besides selecting the particular casino and games, there are just a few things we can do to enhance our probability of winning.

  • Knowing the casino slots rules – Each casino slot machine varies, meaning the rules are different depending on the particular game you are playing. However, there are a few factors which you will discover that are typical for any real money slot machine.
  • The jackpots – They are entirely random, and most often they are paid out when you complete the game. Many slots are featuring multiple jackpots that you can win, but most of the times you cannot win two simultaneously.
  • Wild symbols – These are similar to a deck of cards’ Joker. They can be any different symbol that can help you win. There are a lot of internet real money slots prohibiting the wild symbol from a substitution to another particular symbol with a high value.
  • Bonus rounds – Many multi-reel slot machines come with bonus rounds. These are free bonus games featuring various multi-reel slots, where you can win real money.

Your Guide to the Online Casino Slots Rules

best casino slots jungleInternet casino software for the best casino slots could be a strange land for the novices, so now we will unveil some secrets to you and offer you the opportunity to get more familiar with internet gambling’s most popular game which is the slot machines. Our cumulative process will guide you from placing a wager to getting your winnings, and the top part is that there are just a few easy steps you have to make.

The First Rule: How Much do I Bet to Win?

The initial thing you have to do with online casino slots is simply question yourself how much do you want to wager per spin. There are various coin sizes offered at casino slot machines that you can select from. The payout you can eventually get will be the coin size multiplied which means that the more you bet, the more funds you can win. Moreover, you will also need to select the total number of pay lines you would like to wager on which usually pay a coin for every activated pay line. Keep in mind that if you, for example, are playing a progressive jackpot, you would probably like to maximize your wagering in order to have the highest probability of winning. Once you have placed your wagers, you can leave the rest to the machine.

The Second Rule: Get Your Bets Moving

Yes, hit the button saying spin and see how the reels of the best casino slots are spinning. If you are playing at a casino with an excellent reputation, you can be assured that from this moment on your destiny is in possession of an intricate RNG, or Random Number Generator. There will be a short turning off the reels until they come to rest, one by one. Moreover, then you are presented with the outcome, and this is what determines how much you won if you have in fact earned something.

At this particular moment, you can either see or not see a combination which is winning. Do not be nervous, the software will make an accurate automatic identification of the information and will make a calculation of your winnings. This is because many of the top casino slot games come with more than thousand options of winning which will, therefore, make recognizing winning combinations tough. Thank God for technology, you do not need to know whether you have won or not and all you need to do is just be patient and wait for the machine to pay your winnings if you have any and then proceed to another spin. It is advisable to take a look at the pay table before starting to play a particular slot machine.

The Third Rule: Free Spins and Bonus Games

In some cases, your game will launch a promo game and it is essential to get to know whether your casino slot machine comes with any. Different rules are applying to every bonus game, and you can get to know these by observing the pay table. Usually, you just have to make some selections correspond to how accurately you can discover where the largest bonuses are. On the other hand, there are some very sophisticated games, so ensure that you have acknowledged the rules for a particular game before starting to play it. This is the reason why we highly suggest the three reel slots to novices because they never come with bonus games.

The triggering of free spins happens automatically. You can keep on spinning the reels, but it would not cost you a single cent. Also, to make your deal even better, in many cases free spins come with jackpot multipliers that enhance your winnings a lot.

The Fundamental Strategy Behind the Best Casino Slots

The paytables which are also known as pay schedules offer you information about the particular symbols that could bring you the highest amount of money. Other useful information that you can find is which are the scatter or wild symbols. In some cases, hitting on a given symbol in a combination that wins can bring you larger payouts. Moreover, in some cases, if you land on a row of three same symbols you can enter a bonus round.

best casino slots bonusKeeping in mind which symbols you have to seek for is not only fun but it facilitates your understanding of what exactly happens when you win. Also, some casino slot machines donot allow you to win with given symbols in case you have not played with all of the twenty-five pay lines or wagered a particular value per spin.

Advice: getting informed about the games pay table in the beginning will be of great help to you to ensure that you are playing clever.

More Sophisticated Slot Advice: Taking Maximum Advantage of Every Opportunity

Whenever you are playing at the best casino slots machines for real money, you could be lured to play for fewer winning lines with a higher wager per line. So you will have a higher win if you wager only 0.01 dollars per line and played for all of the twenty-five lines.

You have to keep in mind that if you play fewer lines than you will be presented with a lower probability of winning if you play at more lines. However, essentially, some games require you to play all of the pay lines to qualify for a jackpot or a bonus round.

If you play fewer lines, you can eventually miss on some important wins so ensure that you thoroughly understand the rules before playing with any real money. When you play the free trial slots options, you can get to know the rules before spending any real money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Slots

The best casino slots on the internet are in fact one of the most common but very often misunderstood games offered by an internet casino. We have gathered one of the online most thorough lists of popular questions and answers about slots to cover any peculiar queries you might have in mind.

How do penny slots work?

They work pretty much like standard slot machines; the major deviation is that penny slots give you the opportunity to wager on multiple lines at once. If you would like, you can wager just one cent on a line, or you can choose to wager five dollars per line. Every machine comes with between nine and twenty lines. This could quickly get expensive because if you wager five dollars on a twenty line machines on all of the lines, then you are placing hundred dollars on a single bet.

Is it worth to play penny slots?

These machines are certainly worth playing. As you can wager on multiple lines at once, you are offered a significant probability of winning every time you spin the reel. Penny slot fans who are not scared of wagering on multiple lines or even each line in an individual game will get the sweet win in many more situations than standard single line slot players. You simply have to ensure that you play cleverly and use all promotions and bonus offers. Watch out carefully for the off reel and on reel bonuses as they can significantly enhance your winnings.

How about the payout amount of penny slots?

The payouts change accordingly and depend totally on the amount you wager and the number of lines you wager on. You will have a lower payout if you only wager on one line than if you wager for the maximum number of lines. The more you wager, the more enhanced the payout becomes. The strategy is to discover the appropriate balance between increasing your bet per line and wagering on enough lines at once to improve your probability of winning. Get to know the jackpot for any penny slot you will be playing at and select the one with the largest jackpot and the top bonuses.

What are the top penny slot games?

best casino slots seaYou can find the top currently existing games on our list of highly valued penny slots. The best casino slots will offer you the top opportunities for promotions and bonuses and are certainly legal, safe and fair, as well as provide incredible graphics because they have been developed by some of the top slot machine designers. A high number of our reviewed casino slots offer progressive jackpots. Everyone can hit a progressive jackpot, regardless the amount of the wager and the number of lines played. See our listed slots to discover which one is most suitable to your individual taste.

How can I win at casino slots?

There are various ways to win on the penny slot machines. You can either win on an individual wager in which case you hit multiple lines and enhance your bankroll. This is, in fact, the most usual way of winning. There is also the option to earn a jackpot; it could be progressive or not and get an immediate payout. Alternatively, also, you can use the free offers and bonuses to enhance your bankroll without the need of making additional wagers.

Can these games be trusted?

Similar to all other casino games, in the long run, the penny slots are always favourable to the casino. However, they have an excellent level of trustworthiness. There will be no alteration of the house edge while you play many consecutive rounds and there is a random number generator for every spin ensuring a complete fairness. All of the top slots casino UK sites on our website have a license by established gaming agencies requiring the games to be fair in the certifications which means that each casino needs to give a proof that its house edge and random number generator is fair to the customers, not only to the house.

Our Glossary of Best Casino Slots

  • Bonus features – This is a unique play mode that in many cases offers free bonus spins and it is possible to lead to the activating of a mini game. These can also provide a bonus multiplying feature enhancing your winnings. The bonus features pertain almost only to multi-line video slot machines.
  • Size of the coin – You choose this value before the spin. If you select one dollar as your coin’s size and wager ten coins on a spin, your total bet’s amount will be ten dollars. In most cases, payouts depend on the extent of the currency, so the bigger the coin size you choose, the bigger your possible payout. You can reduce your slots coin size quickly to fit the maximum wager into your budget’s dimensions.
  • Pay line – These are the lines along which winning combinations of symbols can be created. Take a look at any table of internet slot machine to see its pay lines.
  • Hit – This is a term describing winning.

Maximum Bet

The biggest total number of coins that you can play per single spin at the best casino slots. It is easier to make the wager via mobile app. In many cases the maximum bet is the initial step for winning a progressive jackpot or one of the best prizes and, therefore, it is highly suggested as a way of minimizing the house edge.

Progressive Jackpot

best casino slots appThis is a slots casino UK jackpot that accumulates contributions from a segment of the losing wager from each player who plays that particular game. As these are continuously collecting until actual win, in many cases they become stunningly big and amount to millions of dollars. When a specific player hits the win, he or she gets the whole amount, and the jackpot is switched back by the casino to initial pre-defined level. Usually, progressive jackpots have to be played with a maximum wager to have a chance of winning the jackpot. On the other hand, you can win them by getting a certain reels combination or randomly, it depends on the particular casino slot machine.

Staggered Payout

This is a pay table paying higher amounts to the best casino slots players who have placed higher bets. This is very popular, in particular with progressive jackpots, where payouts can come in the shape of the total jackpot’s percentage. When you encounter one of these, it is pretty much undoubtedly better for you to bet the maximum amount.


This could be any money payment or credits given by a slot machine, no matter its value or size.

  • Payout percentage – This is the proportion which is statistically expected of each dollar that the player will get as a return. Of course, it is always below hundred percent, and logically, if the number is lower, the slot machine is more profitable for the casino. For instance, if you play a game of the best casino slots with a payout percentage 95%, you are expected to get 0.95 dollars for each dollar wagered. The remaining 0.05 dollars goes to the casino, and it is the statistical house edge. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that there is always the chance that the odds can be beaten by a lucky win.
  • Paytable – This is the chart displaying all of the winning combinations, pay lines and rules about any particular casino slots game. Ensure that you have understood the specificpaytable because if not, it is possible that you are just giving your money away.

Random Number Generator

We do not want to go into too many details here, so we can just say that in each contemporary casino slot machine as well as in the best casino slots online , there is a computer program determining if a particular spin is winning or losing and this program is the RNG or the random number generator. This complicated software keeps the fairness of the game and the casino’s honesty.


These are the digital or material spinning wheels of a slot machine. They are turned right after the placing of your wager, and your failure or success corresponds to their final resting position.

  • Scatter symbol – This is a symbol creating certain winning combinations without the obstacle of pay lines. If you get two, three, four or five of a certain type wherever on your screen is in most cases enough to get some award. Also, scatter symbols can be the key to bonus features unlocking.
  • Symbols – These are the letters, numbers or pictures on a given reel of a slot machine that determine the winning combinations. Usually, these are images reinforcing the theme of a slot game and can be cartoon characters, dollar signs, fruits and others.
  • Wild symbol – This is a special slots casino symbol, quite often found on contemporary casino slot machines. Any other symbol can be a substitution for it when this makes a winning combination. In some cases, wild symbols come with bonus multipliers applying to wins generated by the use of the wild feature. This is probably the most popular bonus feature that you can find on contemporary internet slots casino machines.

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