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The Best Online Craps Casino and Table Games

Welcome to our guide to best online craps casino. Are you ready to put all your money at risk and depend on the roll of a dice? Ok, you do not need to put all your money at risk, but you cannot deny that there is a great rush when you wager cash and roll bones! However, there is much more in this game than throwing the dice and waiting to see if you win. We present you a comprehensive guide to the top recommended craps casinos and give you information about how the game is played, the top online casinos for craps and how to place the top bets. Let us proceed with our guide to the best online craps casinos.

You are crazy about craps. We understand that, so are we. The only thing that we frown upon are probably the crowds. We certainly love winning when we are among friends and strangers, however, we absolutely hate missing some hot streak because our table is too full of people.

The initial thing you have to learn about playing at the best online craps casino for money is that it is much simpler than it first appears to be. Craps is a relatively easy casino game, but before we go into a detailed explanation of how it works, we should let you know that the table of craps is not even half as complicated as it appears to be. When you see a craps table, you perceive it double. The table has been designed so players at both ends are able to play at the same time. Just think about a roulette table where everything is duplicated. It is already packed, but when doubled, it overwhelms you.

Now, after the situation appears somehow less complicated, let us explain the different aspects of the game of craps. The internet craps game comes with two phases – the first one is the come out roll phase and the second one is the point phase.

best online craps casino playThe first phase (come out roll) is the very initial segment of craps sites for gambling with real money. Your task is to place a bet on your craps table – it could be either pass or don’t pass. Every craps game comes with a shooter, and in this particular phase, the shooter’s aim is to roll either seven or seventeen. If the roll results in those numbers, the pass line bets win. However, if the result is two, three or twelve, your game is over, and a new shooter starts. On the other hand, if you hit any other number, that number turns out to be the point for the game.

In the second, or point phase, the shooter has to roll that number before a seven is rolled in order pass line bets to win. If the shooter hits seven, the pass line bets lose. And conversely, the don’t pass line bets win.

Actually, these are the only rules you have to learn in order to play best online craps casino. If you are a novice, you do not have to bet on anything else at all. As long as you have comprehended this fundamental principle, you can start playing the best craps for money.

Certainly, as you can see simply by looking at the table for online craps, there are many various things to bet on. You can place a mobile wager too. Take a look at our section about rules for more information.

The Open Game Spot for the Best Online Craps Casino

On the surface, craps seems quite complicated but it is not. On the other hand, because of the craps has two phases, there are bets that are permitted only during one phase of your game. That is the reason why it is essential to discover a best online craps casino site that clearly shows what kinds of bets are allowed and what are not allowed before you start your game.

You would think that most websites show this information, but in reality, they do not. Some of the internet websites for real money craps have done a horrendous work about letting the user know where he or she can bet and cannot bet. Other websites simply expect you to know the bet type’s name. The real top recommended craps casinos highlight the allowed bets and give you an information in lucid text about the exact bet’s type that you are about to place.

best online craps casino gameOur list of best online craps for money sites has included only the top online casinos for craps that have a firm belief in clarity. And that is only the beginning of what a website has to have in order to be included in our list of the best online craps casino sites.

We give online casino our ratings, considering their betting limits, game selection, software, security, withdrawal times, deposit options and customer service. If a website does not score high in either one of these categories, even if its score is ten out of ten in all the rest – we take it out of our list. We know how essential it is for online craps players to have a pleasurable playing time with a genuine and secure experience and the system we use in rating the top recommended craps casinos ensures that.

Win at Craps for Money Through the Three Point Molly

If your target in best online craps for money is to make substantial wins, you can give the three point Molly system a try. It provides you with three numbers in your corner, and it works for you on each bet. Initially, make your pass line bet. Afterward, make the come line bet. Ensure that you back up each single come bet with either single odds or double odds. Do not make over two come bets. In case one of the come bets has a win, make another come bet. You will proceed to play this way until the shooter drops seven or tosses their point.

The entire fundament of the three point Molly is that you are safeguarding the pass line bet very carefully with your come bet.

Very Common Questions About Best Online Craps Casino

How to choose a craps casino? After years of reviewing the top online casinos for craps and playing at them, we already know the common questions most players want to have an answer for before starting their game. Take a look at the answers about best online craps for money.

Is it possible to play craps without being the person who throws?

best online craps casinoIt is possible with offline craps but not in the online version. If you play online craps, you are always the shooter. The advantage of this is because the dice shooting is an essential part of the craps fun. In addition, in the internet game, you do not need to be concerned about your nerves when you shoot a dice together with a crowd of unknown people who have placed bets on your toss. When it comes to a live casino, you do not have to be the shooter, but let’s be honest, the important question is why on earth you would not like to roll the dice?

What are the craps odds of winning?

Overall, offline or online, the craps table odds are about 0.67% that are in the house’s favour. This number does not concern the rigging influence at all, but rather is a measure of the general laws of statistics and averages. This is the way how the money is made by the casino and, in comparison to some other games, the conservative player of the best online craps casino have very generous odds at his or her disposal.

Are internet craps games manipulated?

The absolute certainty is that the game of craps is a game of pure chance. There is very little you are able to do to influence the roll’s outcome, and like in real life, the best online craps casinos also do not have any influence over the dice roll. In order to make sure you play a fair game, ensure that you always play craps at the top online casinos for craps with a great reputation. Choose some of those we have listed on this page. This way you can be certain that the games you play are fair and safe. The best online craps casino sites employ random number generators in producing the game’s outcomes. The top recommended craps casinos provide ratings and also certificates from established third-party auditors ensuring their honesty. The certifications are crucial for the casinos and in no circumstances they will jeopardize them by changing the outcome of the four pounds bet you have made.

How can I increase the probability of winning at an online table?

best online craps casino mobileThe most successful way to win is to be clever in your play. Make smart betting choices and ensure you have learned the rules of the certain best online craps casino you are playing at so you do not make any mistakes that will cost you potential winnings or your bet. As a general “ironic” rule, the bets in craps with largest payouts in most cases are the most disadvantageous.

Despite that it sounds easy, avoiding bad bets is the most suitable way to make sure you remain even or better over the long run. When it comes to odds, the worst bets are the big six, big eight, hard four and hard ten.

In the game of craps, big six means that when you bet six, six will be rolled before a seven. The same rule goes with big eight, with eight instead of six.

The hard four and ten are pretty much self-explanatory. These are bets that the two dice will stop in such a way to equal four or ten, which means double two or five. The best possible craps bet is the smallest casino odds wager which is the pass line bet.

The pass bet is created on a come out roll. If you look at the table, there should be a black marker saying off and then the pass bet will be placed on the pass line. The payout you get will be based on the rolled number. For seven or eleven – even money, after that two, three or twelve lose. On the other hand, every number between four and ten is the so called the point. When some of the point numbers roll, then the black marker turns white and will be placed on the point number. Then, the shooter has to continue rolling the dice until the same exact point is rolled or seven is rolled. If the shooter rolls seven it means you lose the point bet. If he or she rolls the point number which is before a seven, the bet is counted as even money.

Is it possible to play craps for free?

best online craps casino siteA lot of the top recommended craps casinos provide free options for their games of craps so you can get to know the rules and acquaint with their software prior to playing the best online craps for money. This is a wonderful way to dive into the craps experience. On the other hand, if you want to win real money, you need to play the craps games for real money.

Where am I able to find the best online craps casino?

The first spot you should take a look at is our page about craps casino. Our reviewers have played at all popular internet casinos, and have tested these casinos using very strict criteria, including the best online craps for money, the payouts, the graphics and security. We also make an evaluation of the best online craps casinos when it comes to the top bonuses, so you will be able to play longer and use better probability to win with any particular sum of deposited money.

Most Commonly Used Best Online Casino Craps Terms

  • Any seven – This is when you bet that the very next craps roll will have seven as an outcome. This is a bad wager and it should be avoided.
  • The back line – This is a slang saying for the Don’t pass line.
  • The bankroll – The available chips or cash to a craps player. This is a term that is used in all casino games.
  • The betting right – This is when you bet on the come or pass craps wagers. In general, this means that you do not bet against all the table’s other players.
  • The betting wrong – This is when you bet on the do not come or do not pass wagers. It can be considered inconsiderate or unlucky by the rest of the craps players. On the other hand, it is ever so slightly better as well.
  • The bones – This is a slang saying for the craps dice.
  • The cold table – This is a craps table where those players who bet right lose often. This is because of either rolling craps or the sevening out after your come out roll. And certainly, the wrong bettors clean out.
  • The come bet – This is similar to a pass line bet, but one that is made after the come out roll. The roll that instantly follows this wager is the one determining the point for this particular bet.
  • The come out roll – This is the craps roll that starts the round. And this is the single time when a point can be established for line bettors. In addition, it is the single chance to roll craps or a natural. The front line – This is a slang saying for the pass line.
  • The hot table – This is a table where the players who bet right at best online craps casino win often. This happens when shooters either roll many naturals or hit the point often without sevening out. It could be a bad thing if you bet wrong.
  • best online craps casino tableThe house edge – It represents the statistical advantage of the casino for any particular bet. For example, five percent house edge means that the expectation in a long term for a particular kind of bet is that 0.05 pounds will be kept by the casino for each one pound wagered. The lower the house edge is the better your probability of winning. Bets for craps vary a lot, so make a careful research before you begin playing with real money. The lay bet – This is a wager that a seven will be rolled before the point. It provides true odds which means a zero percent house edge. On the other hand, you need to pay a 5% commission for the ability to place such bet.
  • The natural – It happens when the come out roll results in either a 7 or 11. The outcome of a natural is loss for the do not pass line wagers and win for pass line wagers.
  • The one roll bets – These are wagers made according to the result of the very next roll. They are the craps wagers offering the largest payouts but you have to avoid them because of the very high statistical advantage that is in the house’s favour. If you want very exciting and large payout, you can find more suitable options in the top recommended craps casinos.
  • The place bet – This is a wager winning when a specific number will be rolled before the end of the round. Once the player who rolls has hit the point or has sevened out before he or she hits the place number, then this bet is lost.
  • The point – This is the number set on the come out roll. It could be any number different than a natural (seven or eleven) or craps (two, three or twelve). If there is a point set (and this is not guaranteed) than the particular number is used as the point during the ensuing round of craps.
  • The roll craps – This is when you roll a 2, 3 or 12 on the come out roll. The outcome is a win for the do not pass line punters and a loss for the pass line bettors.
  • The seven out – This is when the person who rolls the dice has rolled a 7 prior to the point. The outcome will be a win for the do not pass line wagers and a loss for the pass line wagers.
  • The shooter – Approaching the end of our article about best online craps casino, we can say that shooter is this player that rolls the dice. You do not have to be the shooter unless you play online craps – in that case, you do not need to worry about making a mistake. We hope that this article explained to you how to choose a craps casino.

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