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Try the Banking Options of the Online Casino Payment Methods

Without knowing the online casino payment methods you can’t place an effective bet. Once you have selected an internet casino according to your preferences, another thing to do when you play for cash is to load your account. Here on this page, we make an evaluation of the number of various options which you can use in order to make an online casino deposit, or the online casino payment options. In addition, we offer you some wonderful tips and hints to make sure that your online experience is safe and secure.

In the next sections, we will take into consideration the differences between a bank card and e-wallets and the impact on your budget depending on your selection of how you fund your account. We will also explore internet safety and security and will provide you with few tips regarding how you can keep your individual details safe from the eyes of online predators.

Internet Casino Payment Methods

Certainly, selecting one of the casinos chosen by us is a great beginning for making sure that your internet gaming experience is entertaining and fun. The top casinos don’t simply provide an abundant choice of games and various bonus options, but they also offer a great variety of online casino payment methods in order to match their customers’ expectations. In this section, we will explore some of these methods.

which are the online casino payment methodsIn opposition to what the majority of people think, MasterCard, Visa and the similar are not exactly kinds of bank cards, but rather networks for payment processing. These networks process the card transactions, make verification with the issuer of your card and then decline or accept them according to your availability of funds on merchant’s behalf. The way how the networks get their money is through the merchant paying a processing fee for the facility.

Each time you use your card, either physically or online, there is a connection between your payment system (Visa for example) and the card department of your bank. So when, for example, you use your card when you make a deposit at an internet casino, Visa will check with your issuer if your account has enough money to fund the deposit or not.

What is the Difference Between Bank Cards?

Whenever you use a debit card, there is a deduction of money from your bank account. Whenever you use a credit card, you use money that you don’t own and you have to pay it back in future. When you use a card for playing at an internet casino you have to bear in mind that the issuer of your card will classify the online casino payment methods as “cash advance”. This is a great difference from paying for purchases by your credit card, where if you manage to fully pay the balance before the due date, there won’t be any charges.

When you use a debit card you will not suffer additional fees. Another alternative for avoiding such charges is to fund an e-wallet service like Paypal using your card and then funding your casino account using Paypal. It might sound a little complicated, but as we will show you later, it is very simple to fund a Paypal account.

As of April 2020 UKGC banns gambling businesses allowing consumers in Great Britain to use credit cards to gamble.
>> Official news here<<

Internet Casinos Debit Card Usage

are casino payments via debit card possible7.7 billion purchases with a total value of 337 billion pounds within 2012 alone using debit cards clearly show that debit cards have become the most preferable of the online casino payment options in the UK. Consumers love to be flexible and to have the ability for online purchases and in addition, the safety that comes when you don’t carry huge amounts of cash. Since the world financial crisis, a lot of us prefer to be in control of our money and not to be exposed to the peril of overspending.

Debit cards are the perfect helper not only for new online casinos but also for the leaders in the industry as they give you the opportunity to play with real money and at the same time to avoid charges. Because the money is deducted straight from your account, you can play only with your available money. The major debit card processors in the UK are Visa debit, Visa electron, Mastercard debit and Maestro.

Internet Casinos E-wallets Usage

According to some estimations, over a million people in the UK do not have a bank account and therefore they don’t own a debit card. It should be also noted that many people prefer not to use a debit card for online casino payment options. Although both online casinos and banks have invested intensely on making sure that all transactions are secure and safe, many people have a preference toward prepaid cards and e-wallets.

E-wallet, as the name suggests, is an account that can hold money. You can add money to it like to a real wallet and also take money out. This method of purchasing things is getting more and more widespread, and probably one of the basic reasons is that you don’t need to share your financial information with any retailer you buy services and goods from which includes, of course, the online casinos.

The most common e-wallet service among the online casino payment options is Paypal, a property of the auction website Ebay. For the year of 2013, Paypal transactions were valued at 114 billion pounds and involved 26 currencies and 193 countries. Paypal is a definitive giant in the field of e-commerce. There are more than 70 million created Paypal accounts.

In the next section, you can see how to create a Paypal account, it is a really easy process and it wouldn’t take more than five minutes of your time.

Other E-wallet Providers

find top e-wallet providers you can bet withSelecting from the online casino payment methods most of the times depends on an individual preference, like the mobile usage. We have mentioned that despite the fact that the casino is not able to charge you, your card issuer on the other hand is. Whenever you have doubts about these issues, contact your card company.

Despite the fact that Paypal is the largest e-wallet provider, certainly, there are others. Skrill is one of them and it is becoming very popular. Skrill is accepted at over 156000 internet businesses worldwide, many online casinos included. A prepaid Mastercard card is offered by Skrill, which for as little as 10 Euro per year provides you with all the features of a Mastercard, but there are no any credit checks. Ukash is certainly worth mentioning, it is an internet cash payment provider which enables you to use cash to pay, shop and play online securely and safely. Ukash is great if you don’t own a debit card or you are not willing to provide your personal information when paying online. There is a great number of retailers you can use for funding your Ukash account. Paysafe is similar to Ukash, a prepaid card allowing you to pay safely online. You can purchase it from any of the available 450000 sales outlets. On your paysafecard you will see a sixteen digit PIN. By entering this PIN you can make online payments. No individual information, card details or bank information is required to be entered at any point.

Measures for Fraud Prevention

All of our recommended online casinos accepting real money, consider player protection and security as hugely important and have made millions of investments in a technology of fraud prevention. On the other hand, there are several precious rules that we recommend you to follow in order to diminish the potential risks that online casino payment methods hide. These are common rules that apply to standard practices, not only to online gambling and live casinos.

Things to be Cautious about when Gambling for Real Money

  • Phishing practices: the number of people in the UK who receive e-mails directing them to sites where they are urged to confirm or provide a private individual or financial information, has increased a lot. Apparently, these e-mails come from a reputable site, however, this is not the case and their single purpose is stealing your individual information and using it for accessing your accounts with disastrous results. This practice is known as Phishing. Never, in any case, click on or reply to a link in an e-mail warning you that your account will be closed if you don’t confirm your individual information. In such a case, contact the company in an absolutely secure way, such as legitimate telephone number, never use the number on the predatory e-mail, look for the company in a phone directory, use directory enquiry service or obtain the number through the internet.
  • what are the vishing practices when gambling for moneyVishing practices: the vishing practice is understood as a fraudulent phone call to a possible victim, where the fraudster poses as a fraud investigator employed by your card company, an employee of your bank, or even a police person. The call is made in order personal financial information to be obtained, information including debit card details (like PIN), bank details or other individual information such as date of birth, a full name, mother’s maiden name and/or address. This information can be used for gaining access to your personal finances. The fraudster who has received this information can call your bank and change your details, request a financial service or a new card or purchase items from the internet.

Always Make your Identity Verified

There are casinos that have a requirement of verifying your identity, which happens more often when you try to withdraw money from your casino account. These precautions are made for protecting both the casino and you and although they are not very liked by the players, it is much better than becoming a victim of fraud through the online casino payment methods.

There are operators (like 888 casino) that give you the opportunity for identity verification in advance and this allows a faster processing of all requests for withdrawal. Although the process may vary for the various casinos, most of the times the documents they need are the same and they are scanned or photographed copies of one or more of these documents:

Transactions Fees and Charges

It is very easy to fund your account. The process is overall the same, despite the tiny differences with various operators. Here’s a guide to each step of deposit making

  • Debit card fees: usually, when funding your casino account with your debit card, you won’t be charged. As long as it is money deducted from your current account, no fees or charges should apply to any transaction.
  • Prepay/ e-wallet fees: we have made a list of all casino operator’s charges in the casinos’ review pages. You can find the additional information there.
  • Fees for currency conversion: all of the casinos we recommend accept payments in Pound Sterling, and you won’t be charged for payments proceeded in this currency. However, if you pay in another currency, there might be charges for currency conversion by your card issuer or bank, so our recommendation is to contact them for more information.

    how to pay fees for online casino transactions

Special bonuses for Online Casino Payment Options

Both Winner casino and Eurogrand provide incentives and special offers to players who use prepaid cards and e-wallets. Our best selection of a casino that offers you extra money every time you fund your casino account is Eurogrand. They offer a mind-blowing variety of deposit methods and in addition you get a bonus each time you pay, regardless your chosen method.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Casino Payment Methods

Be sure to find all the information you need for online casino payment options before you register.

I haven’t used my old casino account for quite a long time, I have received a new card not tied to this account, is it possible to register a new account so I can take advantage of their offers?

Opening a new account could be allowed by the system, but having multiple accounts is a breach of the terms and conditions. We, therefore, recommend that you never do this. For example, there is this scenario: You win millions of pounds, you are really happy and you tell all your family and friends and then because of the multiple accounts it turns out that your win is invalid…we suggest that you play it safe, it is great that there are so many other casino operators you can try out, check our more comprehensive reviews to find the best for you.

how to verify your online casino paymentsIn regards to verifying my identification, am I supposed to send my original documents because I don’t really want to do that?

No, you don’t need to do that. Despite the fact that the process is little different for every casino, we write below the instructions about how to verify with 888 casino. For the various casinos, you can contact their customer support or find the information for online casino payment options on their website.

  • Make sure that all images are clear and legible
  • On the website, select “cashier”
  • Click on “verify ID”
  • Click on “browse” to choose the files you want to send
  • If all previous steps are completed, finalise the procedure by clicking on “upload”

In which cases should I verify my identification? Is it only in case if I win?

No, you can get an identity proof request by the casino at any time. It is possible that they are under legal obligation to ask you about this information. However, it is much more likely in these cases:

  • Making a deposit
  • Requesting a withdrawal
  • Raising the limit of your deposit
  • Raising the limit of your withdrawal
  • Making an access to your account from another country
  • Any suspicious activity about your account

I have a registered account, but I don’t remember my password/ user name!

This could be dealt with in a simple way, just go to the main casino page and you can see “forgot password” where you log in. you click on it and then you follow the steps. If you still have a difficult time recovering your password, you can contact a customer support representative who will help you access your account again.

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