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Comprehensive Guide to the Best Video Poker Casino Websites

When it comes to the best video poker casino sites, we should say that we are all fans of video poker. So are a lot of poker professionals who began their career by playing those machines. It is wonderful if you would like to play some hands, without the tension of having to compete with other players. Would you like to know more about the video poker casinos? If the answer is yes, it is just great because our professional team has made the perfect guide to the best video poker casino including strategies, rules and the Top 10 Video Poker Real Money casino sites to play at. We have it all here on this page so you can play video poker online for real money in the best way possible.

Learning About the Game

Video poker is one of the most exciting games that are available for the fans of poker. If you have already played home poker games or casino games, you are most likely used to be patient and to wait for a wonderful hand and to dispose of all kinds of bad hands.

In traditional brick and mortar casino games with other players, it is possible to wait for many hours to get a hand that you would like to play. In addition, each time you throw a hand, it may be five, ten or even fifteen minutes before the conclusion of the hand, depending on the number of players in it and their aggressiveness.

On the other hand, in the online video poker for real money, it simply comes to you and the house. And your task is to hold a poker hand making the payout board. Before letting you know how to play at best video poker casino sites, we have to tell you that there are dozens of poker variants out there. Crazy eights, Jacks or better, Deuces Wild and many others. But in fact, they are all played in a similar way.

Most video poker games have the five card stud hand ranking system as their base.

Currently, in the majority of video poker games, you are not able to win using a high card. Neither you are able to cut it with any pair. In most video poker variations for real money, you have to hold at least a pair of Jacks in order to win. But to play is simple.

Simply place your wager and click on the spin button. The video poker game you are playing will deal you out five cards, all of them face up. The same is when betting from a mobile.

best video poker casino siteIf you have received a pair of Jacks or Better, you should know that you are in a great situation and have won some cash. If not, don’t be concerned. You have the opportunity to throw away all five of your cards.

After you receive new cards, you will get paid out in case you have ranked on the payout schedule. Keep in mind, Jacks or better will get you some cash in most cases, but there are many variations depending on the kind of video poker game you are playing. The higher poker hand you have, the more money you will win.

We need to repeat that when it comes to the best video poker casino games, there are variations of rules, and they depend on the kind of poker you are playing. For example, are you acquainted with the hand ranking system that was already mentioned? It does not apply to all cases. There are video poker games for real money that come with wild cards. Sometimes eight or twos. Sometimes jokers. When you throw wild cards into the mix, there is a possibility of a five of a kind hand. And with some other games, you will get paid out in a different way depending on whether you have hit a Royal Flush without or with wilds.

Play at the Video Poker Casinos

We all have a wonderful time with real money video poker, but we have stumbled on many websites claiming that they are great, only to discover that it is a trick. If you are a fan of video poker, you can feel safe with our site. We have rated the Top 10 Video Poker Real Money casino sites and evaluated pretty much each internet video poker website in the world that offers games for real money.

When you begin to play video poker online for real money, you would like to be confident that your selected website provides an abundance of games, is clear when it comes to its operation, and provides smooth options for making deposits and withdrawing money. We have taken into consideration all these categories and have given ratings to each video poker online casino site out of ten. Video poker casino sites scoring less than eight out of ten were completely removed from our list of chosen websites and only our favourite Top 10 Video Poker Real Money casino sites – it means the ones that made the best impression, were included in the final cut.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Video Poker Casinos

For the gamblers who enjoy special features like live casino games  there might be some questions they would like answered.

Where am I able to discover a decent game of video poker?

Since there is no need of reinventing the wheel, we think that your best source of advice is our list of the Top 10 Video Poker Real Money casino sites. This is the most suitable way for new and experienced players to discover and play video poker online for real money and take advantage of the best bonuses, payouts and graphics.

best video poker casino solitariusWe test all new games when they appear on the scene. We ensure that video poker online casinos are secure and safe for you and offer you simple to use platforms so you can have a genuinely pleasurable experience.

Is there a need for a special software in order for the online best video poker casino games to be played?

Yes, in fact, you will have to download the software used by the video poker online casino. The software packages are different with every casino, so if you would like to play at various best video poker casinos, or more than one at a particular time, you will have to download the software provided by each casino.

If you are iPhone or a Mac user, you can find the best video poker casino sites offering web-based apps working for those devices. And the great news is that this software is entirely free.

What is the way to bet with real money and win cash?

If you want to play video poker online for real money, you will need to be able to upload cash to your casino when you use a credit card or a bank account. A lot of the best video poker casinos also provide the option of e-wallet kind of payments such as Skrill, Paypal, EcoCard and Neteller. These make it even safer for you, because you don’t have to provide your financial information to the casino, when you use an e-wallet account. When you decide to download your won money, you can make a deposit directly to the bank account you have, or often onto some major credit card. In addition, you can deposit your winnings into your e-wallet account for immediate access. As long as you do not use the services of a flawed video poker online casino, it would be totally problem free process for you.

What is the availability of games in the best video poker casino sites?

The two most popular video poker online casino games are Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. On the other hand, at every particular casino, you will discover plenty of games that will undoubtedly keep you busy. In these games, some extremely impressive progressive jackpots are included, accumulating over long periods of time and offering the opportunity for very large payouts.

Is video poker played in the same way as the real-life poker?

In general, yes. There are just a few variations such as that two of a kind does not pay even in case it is the high hand. You will discover a list of games on each game’s board, most of them begin at three of a kind. The largest difference in video poker in comparison to traditional brick and mortar games is the fact that you do not play against other players – only against the house. Keep in mind that bluffing is pointless because the making of a poker face will have no effect on the computer.

What is a “cycle”?best video poker casino machines

This is a statistical approximate value of the hands’ number that has to be played so a certain combination of winning hand can be displayed. For example, it is said that Royal Flush occurs once in every thirty thousand hands played. And of course, it simply doesn’t mean that you will necessarily get a royal flush after 29.999 hands.

What are “quads”?

This slang word referring to a winning hand is also popular as four of a kind – a certain combination containing four cards all with the same rank. You can use this term if you want to show off your knowledge about the game of video poker, but you should also possess the strategy to back it up.

What is “hold”?

This term refers to holding, or keeping certain cards and not changing them when you have the opportunity to do so.

What is a “pat hand”?

The term “pat hand” refers to a hand, that was dealt to you and cannot be enhanced in any way, for example, being dealt four aces.

Does the house have an advantage in online video poker?

In fact, poker is still that strategy game it has always been, even when it comes to the best video poker casino websites you could visit. Players with a smart strategy can possibly win against the house in most cases in a particular kind of games.

Can poker strategies be employed in video poker?

They certainly can. The strategy can raise or drown a player and it applies to video poker as well. The smart strategy, however, is a little bit different.

What does 9/6 Jacks+ and 10/7 Double bonus mean?

These are names which origin comes from pay schedules of two particular games: 9/6 Jacks+ and 10/7 Double bonus. The 10/7 Bonus video poker game will pay 10 coins for a full house, and it will pay seven coins for a flush on a single coin wager and the 9/6 Jacks or Better is when there is a payout of nine coins when there is a full house and six coins when there is a flush.

best video poker casino bonusWhat is a full play video poker machine?

When it comes to best video poker casino websites, the full pay video poker casino provides the top payouts as close as possible to hundred percent.

Are the hands in video poker ranked in the same way as real life poker?

The answer is yes, and you can also find a chart for hand ranking on every video poker game so that you are able to keep track of the hierarchy as well as the each hand’s payout.

Similar to land-based poker games, there is a variation of poker hand ranking between games, so you should ensure that you have an idea what you are dealing with prior to the beginning of your betting, rather than after that.

How can I be sure that the cards that are dealt in video poker are not fixed?

Casinos are audited by an independent company that verifies that their random number generators are random and the company also certifies the claimed payouts. The best video poker casinos are tightly monitored and regulated, in fact, all legal casinos are. The result is that these video poker online casinos can be trusted to offer fair and safe gaming experience.

  • The action – This is the total amount of money you have bet.
  • The bank – This is a video slot machines grouping or a cluster.
  • The bankroll – This is the total sum of money available to a player that can be used in gambling, it could be in the shape of chips or it can be in your bank account.
  • The cash back – This is a monetary bonus given to a player in return for playing at a particular casino.
  • The cycle – This is the average number of hands passing between top payout wins on any particular video poker machine – usually when there is a royal flush. The phrase can hint that that is a foreseeable total number of spins between every top payout, but this is a misleading interpretation. Every single hand is absolutely random. It is possible to win two times in a row and to not win even one time in a million spins.
  • The drawing hand – This is a poker hand requiring a certain hand to be improved in value.
  • The face card – This is a category including Jacks, Queens and Kings.
  • The full pay – This is the best, when it comes to statistics, variation of any given best video poker casino game. For example, the 9/6 Jacks or better, is the full pay variation of Jacks or better. Other versions provide the house a bigger advantage and have to be avoided, although you may have the chance to play full pay poker games at some casinos.
  • best video poker casino gamesThe house edge – The statistical advantage of the house presented in a percentage. The good thing for players is a lower house edge. On the other hand, the casino’s best interest is to set the highest edge possible.
  • The insight straight – A possible straight requiring you to draw one or more cards in order to fill a gap in the sequence’s inside. For example, a hand containing six, seven, eight and ten requires a nine and just a nine on the draw in order to become a straight.
  • The kicker – The highest non-paired card for a hand that can be used as a tie breaker in classic land-based poker games. Don’t hold kickers when you play at the best video poker casino websites online for real money – they do not have the same function here.
  • The outside straight – A possible straight requiring you to draw one of two cards so you can finish the straight’s five in a row sequence. This is much simpler to be completed than the inside straight. For example, a hand containing nine, ten, J and Q could be turned into a straight when you get either an eight or a K on the draw.
  • The pay table – This is the diagram telling you the value of every hand – the displayed payouts in terms of the size of your bet.
  • The progressive jackpot – A jackpot growing bigger as players fail to take advantage of it. Usually, a lot of machines are connected together so the same progressive jackpot can be fed, and there is no limitation to the possible size of these video poker jackpots. Once somebody wins it, it is reset to its initial amount.
  • The RNG – This is an abbreviation for a random number generator – as with any internet casino game, this is the digital mechanism allowing the fair occurring of random events. In the case of the best video poker casino sites, the random number generator creates a random five card hand from a non-existing deck.
  • The short pay – This is the counterpart to the “full pay”. These are not too good slot machines because their pay tables are less generous. Usually, they should be avoided, but in some cases, they could be the only option to choose.
  • The volatility – This is a measurement of the possible expectation of a player about a deviation of a machine of its expected return. Bigger volatility has to have as a consequence larger swings of your bankroll, and they could be both negative and positive. Despite that this point is open to discussion, a lot of players hold the firm belief that bigger volatility causes increased risk.
  • The wild card – This is a card in a particular best video poker casino game that can be used as any other card in order to produce a hand with a higher value.

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