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When will I be able to play the Wales lottery?

Wales will have a weekly lottery of over…

Wales is going to have its own personal weekly lottery, the jackpot in which will exceed £20,000. The first draw will take place at the beginning of April. The details were unveiled today. These included that the weekly draw is of £25k, the maximum amount that the lottery is able to offer under the lottery… Read more »
Why did konami leave the video games world?

Konami’s newest direction

An authentic titan in the video game development and publishing world, Konami decided to move away from the business sector where it made its name in the last several years. The organisation cancelled the newest game in the Silent Hill series and publicly parted with Hideo Kojima, the man who is to video games like… Read more »
How to participate in Mansfield Lotto?

Another life-changing Lotto jackpot at…

The supporters of the team can win a massive sum of £4.3m in the Mansfield Town Lotto tomorrow! The next draw will take place at 5 pm on tomorrow on the 29th of March (Wednesday), so you should not hesitate if you should pick your numbers or not since this is an incredible opportunity to… Read more »
Why we should use lottery science funding?

Lottery Science Funding is the Future

Statistically, either your life or that of your friend or relative has been improved by propranolol. This is a beta-blocker which reduces the effects of stress hormones. It is usually used to treat conditions like high blood pressure, an uneven heartbeat, migraines and even chest pain. It is considered to be one of the most… Read more »
Why are Brits interested in the French Election?

The French election will be the largest…

On April 23rd, which is exactly 4 weeks on from today, French voters will participate in the first round of the presidential election and the wagering interest has become massive. On Betfair exchange along, currently £7.5m of bets have been made, and its size terms can only be compared with Trump and BREXIT. Since the… Read more »
What happened to the man who stole from his girlfriends?

Gambling addict stole from women he met…

A punter was locked up after he pledged undying love to two women and left them penniless and homeless. Craig Brown managed to woo both of the victims whom he had met through a dating website. After the women had fallen for him, he swindled them out of approximately £700,000. Brown created an alter-ego as… Read more »
What will happen with the funded areas?

Regions’ tourism boosted by National…

Several regions’ tourism has received financial help from the National Lottery to help attract more visits to the area. The English Arts Council, as well as the HLF, have partnered up to deliver £4m to support the areas between the River Wear and River Tees, as well as Sunderland and the Tees Valley. The Northern… Read more »