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Welcome to Our Guide Regarding the Best US Online Casinos

This is our page about the best US online casinos. When the UIGEA or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was enacted in 2006, it transformed the US casino online industry. The good news for the American gamblers is that there are still different internet casinos to select from if you are a resident of the USA. On this page, you will discover an abundant list of casino sites that accept US citizens and that have been tested and also approved by our professional gambling team.

Reviews of the USA online casinos

If you are thinking about how to recognize whether a US casino is secure and safe and has a good reputation, we have listed the best US online casinos and also reviewed the trusted online casinos for US players. Once we are sure that the casinos can cover all the various criteria, we put them on our list of the top USA online casino sites.

Play at the real money US online casinos

We have a list of the best US online casinos for the American players who are looking for making a lot of cash online. All the featured casinos offer games such as video poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, craps and a lot more. You should not wait and ponder. The opportunity of winning big when playing some of your favourite casino game is right in front of you. You need just a few clicks to get started!

which are the best us online casino sitesOnline USA casinos – the top USA online casino sites

All of the top online casinos for real money worldwide are available to players of the US who want to gamble. We make sure that you will get the best for your dollar by offering only unbiased casinos with a good reputation and which have proven to pay their winners.

One way is to register at all offered sites so you can get an advantage of their promotions and then choose your favorite site according to which one provides the best deals for you. By doing this, you can take a glance at the various software, kind of lobby and the types of no deposit bonuses offered before having to pay with your cash. Players from DE, NY or NJ are not allowed. Let us proceed further on our page about the trusted online casinos for US players.

Read our gambling guide to the best US online casinos

All of our recommended gambling sites are legal and a hundred percent safe. We have thoroughly tested them for ensuring fast payouts, a reliable history, and high-quality customer support service, before listing them on our page. Therefore, you can have a wonderful gaming experience since the start and for years in future. You can start right away by clicking on a particular site and then signing up or go to the Frequently Asked Questions.

All of these sites hold a legal internet gambling license which is regularly checked for changes, tested for gaming practices that have to be fair and is also certified by a third party in the current year. Once this has been established as a baseline, complemented with the particular sites that provide the best current offers and promotions, allows for the most accurate comparison between sites. While some other reviews on the web are biased, we have not taken any commissions for our suggestions.

Selecting the Best US Online Casinos From the Rest

After more than twenty years involvement in the gaming industry, we have built pretty firm opinions, but they are based solely on facts. The current page features only the online gambling websites that we think are the top USA online casino sites, so what is left to you is to simply relax and have fun with your playing without the need to worry much about your final choice. We know it sounds wonderful. Would you like to know how we have accomplished it?

how to select the best us online casinosOur team makes an evaluation of each of our listed trusted online casinos for US players by first using bonuses just to get an initial overall feeling of the whole site and the games. After having this done, we contact the site directly and organize a way of reviewing the games in fair ways as if we are recurring paying users. This provides two perspectives included in our objective process of reviewing so in brief, we only recommend casino sites that accept US citizens that cover very strict criteria of trust and quality.

Our rules for reviewing a particular site

Each casino for real money needs to meet the following standards in order to be listed:

  • Offers online slots for real money with a high payback;
  • Accepts residents of the USA;
  • Accepts Mastercard and Visa deposits, prepaid and regular;
  • Holds proved certification and licensing;
  • Offers payouts in USD or Bitcoin with an availability of check withdrawals;
  • Have had a direct conversation with us and passed the secret customer service test.

More information about real money casino games and promotions

Most players intending to just play slots use in many cases the sign-up offers since they guarantee them more spins after making the first deposit. The essential feature is that it is great to know that you will be playing more even if you do not have much luck. There are some sites even allowing the use of the bonus codes for playing any other table game, also called a “no rules bonus” and at least, they will all give the player the opportunity to claim free spins when playing the slots. If there is “all games” rule applied then the bonus codes can be used on speciality table games such as roulette, craps, blackjack and baccarat. Let us proceed further on our page about the best US online casinos.

In the USA, virtual gambling is treated in various ways between the different states, and between the various games. Sports betting is illegal, but playing blackjack or slots is not. Another quite common game for real money in the United States under a different regulation is Bingo for real money since it is based on skill and it has been grandfathered in prior to the anti-gaming laws taking place. The Bingo sites very often offer scratch cards and slot games, but they are of a more diminished quality than those in our listed best US online casinos.

find information about new casinos in the usa

Looking for new casinos online begins and you can end it here if you need an unbiased and reliable reference. Having more information in mind about a new website before wagering will be beneficial for your bank account afterwards.

There is so much information that can be of use for making decent players even better and already professional ones the best, and such information is difficult to generalize, but we believe that this is almost a perfect science.

The fun is way more when it is from the comfortable setting of your home with the use of an expert advice. In addition, the bonuses still give the players the opportunity to gain comp points making them worth even more for regular users. It is quite impressive how fast points can add up. Sometimes their amount is more than the first deposits of the players. It is a win-win situation.

Is gambling online legal for US citizens?

Before 2006, there were no legal limitations for internet gambling. However, in 2006 was enacted the SAFE port act which implemented restrictions on internet gambling in the USA. Part of this act is the gambling law, known as UIGEA, or the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

This act clearly restricts internet gambling in the United States and is also tightly regulated and has variations from state to state. On the other hand, it is not currently illegal to play online casino games because of huge loopholes that are inherent in UIGEA. The law clearly indicates that it is the acceptance and processing of the player’s payments to internet casinos by financial institutions and banks that are illegal – not the online gambling itself. Let us continue with our article about the best US online casinos.

Currently, there are many legitimate casino websites allowing players from the US to have fun by gambling online. If you find such site that accepts you to sign up with them, this means that this site is can receive deposits and also to process withdrawals by employing particular alternative payment methods. Please, bear in mind that in case you decide to register through one of these websites, it is the online casino’s or the financial institution’s responsibility to stick to any laws and you as a player are not held responsible.

Summary of the Internet Casino USA State Laws

what are the online casino laws in the statesInternet casinos are legal in the states of New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. You have to be located in these three states in order to have access to online and mobile gambling options. However, we do recommend to check your local laws to determine whether to register to a certain website or not, because the states allowing internet gambling are normally strictly regulated. For example, the states of New Jersey and Nevada had declared that the non-state regulation of gambling is illegal, but internet gambling per se is not. Please, continue reading our page about the casino sites that accept US citizens.

The casino operators with valid licenses will take a lot of measures to keep track of the physical location of all players who want to play online and mobile games. In case you have changed your IP address for some privacy reasons or for accessing foreign news sites, this will affect your ability to play at internet casinos based in these states. Even in case you are near a bordering state, your location can suggest that you have exited the legal playing area of the casino and you will not be allowed to play at the site. Let us continue further to our page about the best US online casinos.

USA internet Casino Gambling Restrictions by Entity

On this page about the best US online casinos, we should say that there are various restrictions related to playing online casino games. We have outlined the different types of restriction for the diverse entities that exist within the internet gambling industry and for various actions that are taken so you can be totally sure of the illegalities and legalities within the gaming industry.

Gambling restriction concerning players

In fact, players cannot be prosecuted for playing at internet casinos since it does not break any laws on a federal level. Despite that you could be breaking some state laws, this is quite unlikely because you will usually be prohibited from playing at internet casinos in case you are physically located outside of the states where gambling is legal, and there are casino sites that accept US citizens. Placing bets at internet casinos is completely legal and bears no risk for the players. The UIGEA restrictions concern the avenues which the players can use and the availability of payment options to the players who want to play, but on the other hand, players are entirely free to play online. Please, continue reading our page about the trusted online casinos for US players.

Restrictions for entities accepting casino game wagers

On this page about the best US online casinos, we should say that all casinos based in the US that are located outside of Nevada, Delaware or New Jersey and are also operating and accepting payments are doing this illegally and face the pretty high risk of being prosecuted. Internet casinos that are based in the legal states and in other legal countries are within their legal frameworks and are able to operate freely.

Restrictions for internet casino companies

are there restrictions for us casinos about customers’ paymentsInternet casinos that are placed outside of the states where gambling is legal, are banned from accepting customers’ betting payments. Because of this, a lot of casinos online have moved for legal operation in other countries, despite that the government of the United States of America has stated that it is not legal for offshore casinos online to accept wagers from US players. It has not been tested whether they have the power to prosecute or not. Let us continue further to our page about the best US online casinos.

Payment system companies restrictions

The main part of the law is a charter of obligations of designated payment systems and “non-exempt” participants, and it requires these systems and participants to identify and block, or in other words to prohibit and prevent the restricted transactions processing. By assisting transferring of funds to casinos online within and outside of the United States, the US government has tried to prevent gambling online from occurring – by attacking the source. If there is no way of money to be sent between online casinos and players, nobody would be able to play the games, and the internet casinos cannot benefit from the players’ cash or transfer the players’ winnings. Without the free movement of money, the casino online industry is not able to function. Let us proceed further to our page about the top USA online casino sites.

Control Over the Betting Activity

The Federal Reserve Board and the United States Treasury have outlined five various systems of payment falling under the act as being a payment participant that would have to block wagering payments: wire transfer systems, ACH systems, card systems, money transmitting businesses and check collection systems. Let us continue with our page about the best US online casinos.

There are particular participants who are responsible for the monitoring of illegal activity and the blocking of payments – and not everyone is going to be persecuted. When it comes to the ACH systems, the deposits are made by the financial institution, and the third party receives the credit or gets the debit processed on behalf of the commercial customer. When it comes to cards such as MasterCard or VISA, it is the card companies that will be in danger if the casino online payments are processed by them. For wire transfer system and check collection systems it is not the system company but the beneficiary’s and depository bank. And when it comes to money transmitting businesses the charge for illegal activity would go to the operator itself. It is clearly described in the act that any back office provider of services to any of the mentioned services and systems is not considered a third party and therefore will not be under prosecution. Let us continue further to our page about the casino sites that accept US citizens.

Within the territory of the legal states, it is legal to process payments for casinos online, and their players. You will see that you will always have an available payment option whenever you play online and we have listed just the best us online casinos and the trusted online casinos for us players for good reputation accepting transfers and payments between the casinos and the US citizens. Please, continue reading our page about the top US online casino sites.

Major media outlets advertising restrictions

is advertising for online gambling on major media allowedIt is not allowed to accept advertising for online gambling on major media corporations. For example, the conglomerate’s yahoo and google have banned the online casino advertising after they received warnings from the government. Despite that there is no exclusive legislation about casino advertising, most of the major media outlets have already banned it themselves. Despite that there have been some fines, no additional action has been taken.

Smaller media outlets restrictions – To accept advertising for online gambling is a grey area in smaller media outlets. There can be some warning issues for small publishing websites, but up to date, there have not been fines or prosecutions when it comes to small publishing outlets.

Internet casinos purchasing advertising space restrictions – There has not been an issue for internet casinos when buying advertising space in whatever media outlet. As already mentioned, the ones who should worry are the publishing outlets, especially if they operate as affiliates. On the other hand, casinos online themselves can pay money for advertising and it is up to the particular media outlet whether to accept it.

Withdrawals and deposits at the casino sites that accept US citizens

Let us continue further on our page about the best US online casinos. The main obstacle for American players is that many payments facilities and banks will not process any payments to casinos from US players because there is a lot of risk involved. In most cases, the major card options are not available to the US players because of the specific law for those facilitating the payment transfers to casinos, and it is possible to find that there has been a blockage of your chosen card when you try to play online or on some mobile device. On the other hand, because it is already legal in the states of Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey, more banking and payment facilities are lifting their restrictions for the players in these states and it will be also possible in future in a few more states. Please, continue following our page about the top USA online casino sites.

If you are on your quest of finding a suitable online US casino, you should be confident that all USA casinos online that have been featured in our list of the best US online casinos are casino sites that accept US citizens. This means that you can make deposits and withdrawals easily. There are different methods of payment depending on the various casinos.

Future Changes of USA Online Casinos

Although internet casino gambling in the US is legal only in three states, there is a currently going debate in more states about more regulation of the casino online world, and there are more attempts for legalization. If you would like to keep updated on the newest legalization attempts, you should follow the relevant state discussions about internet gambling legislation. The states that are most likely to legalize online gambling next are Mississippi and California. Let us continue with our site about the best US online casinos.

Availability of mobile casinos to US players

The majority of internet casinos within the states where online gambling is legal, come with mobile versions of software for iOS and Android devices like the iPad, various tablets and also mobile phones. However, similar to playing on your desktop, there are the same geographical restrictions applying to your mobile. Most mobile casinos would require your location because you have to confirm that you are within the states where mobile casinos are legal. There are many mobile casinos available for playing, you only need to keep your location on, and then you will be accepted. Please, continue reading our page about the casino sites that accept American citizens.

what games can you play at us casinos online

Play at the best US online casinos

Our professional testing experts have spent online hundreds of hours and evaluated a broad range of criteria to make sure that all of our recommended trusted online casinos for US players are good to play at. There can be a big part of casino sites that accept American citizens, but we want to make sure that you are playing at a secure and safe, trustworthy and reputable online US casino.

We have uncovered common sites and carefully evaluated the following features:

  • The welcome bonuses we offer you a broad variety of the best online games to have fun with, including blackjack, roulette, and slots.
  • The customer support service – so you can rely on receiving the needed help whenever you need it, twenty-four/seven, each day of the year.
  • Regular offers and promotions – because you have to be appreciated as a customer.
  • Abundant jackpots – it is not exactly like the national lottery, but you can win money that can still change your life.
  • Safety and security – so your financial and individual data can be secure and safe.
  • Methods of payment – to provide you the opportunity to deposit your money quickly and then to cash any winning out fast and easy.

So, what is left to do now for you is to start playing and chasing the jackpots because the top US online casino sites are waiting for you! Register right now, and you will get the chance to play your favourite games, such as video poker and slots, in just a minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best US Online Casinos

Some of the following information regarding playing casino games in the USA is unclear even to many American citizens.

Are the US casinos online licensed?

The answer is yes, in fact, our recommended top USA online casino sites are licensed and regulated internationally by popular jurisdictions like the Canada’s Kahnawake Gaming Commission. When gambling online at the best US online casinos, we recommend that you carefully check the local laws of your state in order to avoid encountering certain local issues whenever you are playing at one of the top USA online casino sites.

Why are US players not accepted at some online casinos?

where on the betting market are us players not acceptedSome casinos online run US operations, such as a call centre or marketing which are located in one of the states such as California or New York and cannot accept players from the USA because of this. Other casinos may be licensed in some other jurisdiction somewhere where US players are not allowed.

Are US casinos online audited?

All of the recommended casino sites that accept American citizens stick to very high standards and are under independent audit be firms with a great reputation. The trusted online casinos for American players that we have listed all have their operations in gaming jurisdictions requiring the best standards of security and operation to be maintained.

What are the payout percentages?

These are figures that are independently verified, showing the average return rate for a certain game or generally for the site. For example, a 98% payout means that for each dollar you wager, you can expect to get back ninety-eight cents in the form of winnings, and leaving the casino with a profit of two cents. Clearly, when the payout percentage is lower, the profit margin of the website is bigger. From our best online casinos, Jackpot City provides the payout percentage that is highest.

Am I able to make deposits and withdrawals at a US casino online?

Yes, there are plenty of payment methods accepted by the top USA online casino sites for deposit and withdrawal options. Most of our listed casino sites that accept American citizens accept credit cards and also several e-wallet options facilitating easy, safe and quick payments.

Do I need to make a software download?

You can play all games, including craps, roulette, slots, blackjack, baccarat, video poker and also some other table games at some of the best US online casinos, directly in your browser. Despite that the no-download version may come with somehow reduced graphics quality, can to gamble without having to install any software on your computer. In case you are a new player, you would still need to go through the sign-up process with any trusted online casinos for US players you have selected to play at.

Is online casino software download safe?

The best online casinos are not only protected by special encryption, but they have software that is secure and created by companies such as TopGame and Real Time Gaming which is quite easy to install. You are not going to have any problem when you download and install the software, and even if you encounter any issues, all of the mentioned top USA online casino sites provide 24/7 customer support via telephone, e-mail and live chat.

Is it necessary to play only for real money?

is it necessary to play usa slots for real moneyAll of the best us online casinos that we have listed offer free play options, so you can learn the rules, practice the games and gain some experience before you put any of your hard-earned money at risk and before you begin wagering against the house.

How am I able to claim my welcome bonus?

Despite that you will get your welcome bonus in your credit, you will not have the opportunity to instantly withdraw it in the form of cash. Instead, you have to wager this money (in most cases more than once) before you can make a withdrawal. The great news is that the casino sites that accept American citizens that we have listed all provide payout percentages above ninety percent and in case you have the luck of hitting a jackpot while you are playing you will win a lot of cash.

When it comes to the US casinos online, are there loyalty programs?

There certainly are! Much like casinos in Las Vegas, these quite often come in various levels and are also scaled to your wagers, so even players with low stakes can take advantage of some wonderful bonuses, whether they are playing craps, roulette, blackjack, slots or any other casino game. In the states of Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey online rewards may be linked to brick-and-mortar casinos so the players can have fun with the best features of both casino worlds.

What should I consider when selecting one of the best online casinos?

You should always select the safest and most secure online casino where you can enjoy playing games. We have tried to facilitate your choice by reviewing online casinos with good reputation using broad criteria such as game variety, deposit options, welcome bonuses, jackpots, decent odds, software and customer support. There could be many casino sites that accept American citizens, but they are not all the same. In our list, only the truly best online casinos have been included, regardless of the game that you wish to play. No matter whether you enjoy keno, baccarat, blackjack, video poker, roulette or online slots, on this page, we will be your guide to the best US online casinos.

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