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Your Guide to the Best Online Casino Roulette Websites

When it comes to online casino roulette, there is no bigger incentive than betting some real money and seeing how the wheel is spinning and whether your number comes up or not. However, there is much more about roulette than simply putting some cash on black or red. In the following page, we will show you how to play this game, the wagers you can place, and we will provide you some useful strategy advice. Read it first and then you will be ready to play. Take a further look at our online casino roulette guide.

Play Online Roulette Like a Professional

Roulette for real money is one of the most enjoyable casino games and also one of the most popular. In addition, it is very simple to play. You just need to choose a particular number or a numbers combination when you place your chips on the board. You should wait for the wheel to be spun by the dealer and in case the ball stops in some of the wheel’s numbered pockets corresponding to your wager, you win. It is that simple.

If you have not played online casino roulette UK for real money before, you will love it. The online version of the very common live casino game has so many extra advantages.

  • This game is quite faster – you do not have to wait at all for the placing of other players wagers.
  • You should not be worried about over populated tables – it is only you and your dealer, so it is very simple to get your wagers on the board.
  • You can play the outside for just one dollar – do not be concerned about ten dollars or twenty-five dollars table minimums.

Whether you are a novice just starting to play a roulette or a professional player who strives to get the best of the internet experience, you can find plenty of reasons to cherish online roulette. Follow this page to discover how to get the best of the whole experience and find some advice about where exactly to play.

Some Quick Tips About Roulette

  • online casino roulette slotBegin with something like odd or even if you are a novice – This is one of the easiest wagering systems you can take advantage of and it boosts your probability of winning at online casino roulette while you are observing and getting to know the game.
  • Make sure you know the exact payout odds before placing your wager – Use your bankroll in the smartest way and place clever wagers. In particular, while you are learning the tricks, it is very smart to make a combination of the game’s good opportunities with a decent probability of getting a good payout.
  • Keep in mind the difference between European and American roulette – When the house edge is concerned, the European roulette is better for the player. The house edge with American roulette is quite higher because it has a double zero.
  • Keep track of the particular numbers that appear most frequently whenever you are playing for winning numbers – It is very easy to see and learn when you start playing online casino roulette UK and in a short time you will start getting an accurate feeling for things and become more confident when it comes to your wagers.

Understanding the Game More

The internet roulette casino has three basic parts – roulette board, a ball, and a wheel. The numbers one to thirty-six are featured on the roulette board; there is also a single zero, and with American roulette, there is a double zero. The numbers could be either red or black, except the zero and the double zero which are usually green. The roulette board also features black, red, even, odd, one to eighteen, nineteen to thirty-six, first dozen, second dozen and third dozen

The same numbers as those on the wheel are featured on the board – zero, double zero and one through thirty-six.

Your task is to place a wager on which number you assume the ball will stop on in the wheel. You can wager on a simple number when you place your chips on the number’s square, or you can wager on a numbers combination by selecting another kind of bet. For instance, wagering on odd or even means you are wagering on eighteen of the thirty-eight numbers (zero and double zero are not considered odd or even). Moreover, wagering on first, second and third dozen means that you are wagering on twelve numbers at once. You are also able to wager on a numbers line, numbers set forming a square on the board or a numbers column and so on.

After placing your wagers, you can just press the deal or spin button (it depends on the particular internet roulette casino website) to get the wheel spun. Then the ball will begin to flip around and at the end stop in some of the pockets with numbers. If the particular number matches your wager, you will get paid out according to the amount of your bet.

The top Online Casino Roulette Websites

The professional gamblers know that they can get a much higher probability of winning at an online roulette casino if they seek for a set of features. Here you can see some of them and their ways of helping your game:

Adhere to the casinos that can provide you a bigger payout percentage

The payout percentage of a casino is the ratio they will return in the form of winnings on money wagered. If, for example, you are playing a game of roulette that has a ninety-eight percent rate that means that the casino will pay ninety-eight dollars for each hundred dollars wagered. The casino keeps the remaining two dollars.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the payout percentage is not representative of the exact rate you can get on a wager you have placed. This payout percentage is calculated over thousands of players and months. On the other hand, the more this rate is, the higher probability of winning for you.

Play at the top online casino roulette sites

online casino roulette liveWhenever you play online roulette UK for real money, you would like to have a genuine experience. Certainly, there is nothing compared to the real looking wheel and roulette board where the wheel is spun in such a way that you imagine seeing a video feed or animation.

Obviously, we consider online casino roulette playing for real money a very serious matter. That is the reason why we have evaluated each internet casino for reputation, customer service, graphics, gameplay’s quality and more. Moreover, we do not simply view the site from a different perspective. To make our reviews accurate, we act as new customers and go through the whole process of registering, making a deposit and also cashing out.

If a certain online casino roulette website for real money does not come high in each category, we do not put it on our list. We are absolutely serious about ensuring that roulette players have a perfect place to play. That is the reason why our selections are the top in the field, and we are not distracted by anything before making sure that you have accessed only the best websites. In addition, you can try the live dealer roulette, a newer enhancement of the internet game offering a highly enjoyable gambling experience.

The Strategy of the Online Betting Wheel

You need a system of methods to win at Online Casino Roulette:

Outside versus inside bets

If you are a novice roulette player, there is an essential thing you need to keep in mind. Despite that in general, there is an availability of dozens of various wagering combinations; bets could be put into two categories – outside and inside bets.

Inside bets include all the numbers seen on the board, where zero and double zero are included and one through thirty-six. You can place your wager on a single number or numbers combination when you put your chips on a corner or a line connecting several numbers. Inside bets most often have larger payouts than the outside ones, as fewer numbers are involved.

Outside bets are the surrounding the board ones – odd, even, first dozen, second dozen, third dozen, black, red and column bets.

When you initially start playing, we highly suggest trying the outside. You will manage to follow which numbers are appearing most often, so you will be able to begin adjusting your wagers, so inside bets are included when you start noticing a certain pattern. If you play the outside, you will have the probability of winning more often, but you will have smaller gains.

Playing multiple wagering kinds

You do not need to select only one type of wager to place. In real money internet roulette casino, you can play the outside, the inside or both if you wish. Moreover, you can match and combine wagering kinds to make them most suitable to your style of the game.

While wagering on odd and even at the same time is senseless because your loss on one of them cancels the win on the other, combining something like column wager and even bet could help you to lessen your losses. For instance, if number fifteen appears, you would lose your even wager but, on the other hand, you would win your third column bet. Despite that the two of them cancel each other out, if you win with thirty-six it would be a double win, so it is worth investing.

Management of your bankroll at online casino roulette

online casino roulette The control of your bankroll is a quite extensive topic, but it also has one particular purpose – to allow you to stay in the game for as long as possible. This provides you with the option to wait for your lucky turn and even if it never comes up, at least you can adhere to the table and enjoy the game for a longer stretch of time. This is, in fact, one of the most often occurring pitfalls faced by the internet roulette casino players. If you see yourself investing an amount which is too high for your bankroll, there is a possibility that you will not be able to get it back. Overall, internet roulette casino players are very likely to play more than a hundred spins for a single hour and even more when there are accelerated features. It means that, for instance, within a session lasting two hours, it can be logical to take for granted that we can wager two hundred and fifty times.

It is very likely to win just a little less than half of the online casino roulette UK wagers and consequently, lose a little more than half so to be conservative, you can wager one fiftieth of what you are ready to lose in a certain session. Consider this patiently before deciding which exact limits of a certain roulette table you can cope with. If you have lost the originally planned amount for betting, just stop playing. We certainly know that the temptation for just one more spin is adamant. However, if you are on a hot streak, it is good to think about pulling out your initial amount and proceeding to play only with the winnings. Because you cannot really lose what has not been put on the table.

You cannot use an online casino roulette system which is not fool proof

If a way to beat the roulette wheel has been found, the casinos would not keep their business. On the other hand, you have almost certainly overheard something about various roulette systems. So what is going on? The sobering answer is that the so-called systems are simply roulette myths that stem from the fallacy of gamblers. You cannot find a wager that is due to win, and despite that losing and winning streaks exist, there is absolutely no way to know whether you are facing one or whether your chain of winning is about to cease. Adhere to the basics, be very careful about your bankroll, and simply enjoy it always when you approach a roulette wheel.

Choose your game carefully

The crucial thing you can do when playing an online casino roulette UK, is making sure that you are playing on the kind of roulette which is with the highest advantage possible. In fact, most new casino players do not know that there are two popular types of roulette wheels: the European wheel and the American wheel. The European wheel comes with thirty-seven pockets, and the American wheel comes with thirty-eight. What is the difference here? In fact, both roulette wheels come with pockets with numbers one to thirty-six and also with a green pocket with a label zero. The essential difference is that there is an extra green pocket with a label double zero on the American wheels. Moreover, since both green pockets are in the house favour, and the American wheel comes with double their number, the American wheel’s house edge is doubled.

In addition, there is the particular en prison feature that can be used for lowering of the house edge. When you play with a prison, a spin resulting in a zero or a double zero, will not instantly mean a loss for whoever plays the outside wagers. The betswill go to prison instead. On your following spin, a zero or double zero will make your wager losing and also a result that is losing in the first place. On the other hand, with this second chance, in case you get the outcome you wanted, in the beginning, you will receive your money back. The house is still with an advantage, but it is not that big. However, this particular feature is very difficult to discover, especially on the web.

It is very important where you play online casino roulette

online casino roulette hallNot all internet casinos are the same and even if you dispose of the fraudulent casinos that you cannot trust, there is still a stunning variety of possibilities. Certainly, you should not register at any internet casino that doesn’t provide European single zero roulette wheels and if you can find it on the web, en prison is a great feature anytime. However, besides the game features, you can be able to get an advantage by using casino bonuses. Both regular promotions and welcome bonuses provide a simple way to increase your bankroll while still playing as you would in general. Simply ensure that you acknowledge well the terms and conditions to avoid any problems when the wagering requirements have to be met. For some additional advice, take a look at our recommended best internet casinos on the site menu.

Certainly, there are some features that all decent casinos should provide and our job is to inform you how to discover them. We can set you free from all preliminary work of finding the top internet roulette casinos so you can just take it easy and enjoy your play. Some of the many features that are offered by all of the internet casinos we have recommended are:

Wonderful welcome bonuses, the top internet encryption protecting your personal information, customer service support available 24/7, big payout percentages and superb graphics so you can get the biggest winnings. All of these and an abundance of deposit and withdrawal possibilities that make playing profitable, fun and easy.

You can start right now and enjoy playing at these internet roulette casinos.

The Rules of Online Roulette

If you are playing for real money at an online casino roulette UK, you have to know that some wagers have a higher payout than others. Keep in mind that the fewer numbers in your wager, the higher amount you will win. The reason is that the odds for a single number are much better than for winning eighteen numbers. Here you can see the odds and payouts it is essential to know before starting to play internet roulette.

  • Zero, double zero or any single number – the payout is thirty-five to one and the odds against winning are thirty-seven to one.
  • Zero and double zero, or any two adjoining numbers – the payout is seventeen to one and the odds against winning are eighteen to one.
  • Any three numbers – the payout is eleven to one and the odds against winning are 1.557:1.
  • Any four number in a block – the payout is eight to one and the odds against winning are 8.5:1.
  • Zero, double zero, one, two and three – the payout is six to one and the odds against winning are 5.33:1.
  • Dozen bet, column bet – the payout is two to one and the odds against winning are 2.157:1
  • Even, odd, black, red, one to eighteen, nineteen to thirty-six – the payout is one to one and the odds against winning are 1.111:1.

Keep in mind that these are the odds for American roulette, featuring both single and a double zero. When it comes to the European or French roulette version, the odds are a bit different, as there is just a single zero to be concerned about.

Discover the Best Version of the Gambling Wheel

The Online Casino Roulette has several designs, each comes with a bit different rules.

European roulette

It is pretty much the most common kind of roulette, played very often at both online and traditional brick and mortar casinos. This variation’s wheel comes only with one zero which means that the house edge is considerably smaller than those at other roulette versions and it is 2.7%. You can find European roulette all over the world, not only in Europe.

A short history of the game of roulette

It all probably began in the city of Paris in 1796 with the creation of Blaise Pascal’s wheel. On the other hand, roulette has quite a long and interesting history of spreading around the globe and across various cultures. We will now show you all the important moments in this quest and then return to 2017 and the internet game we know and enjoy very much today.

  • The French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal is the inventor of the roulette wheel; he came up with it while trying to discover a Perpetua mobile. He was not successful at this, but because of its experiment many roulette players so far has won great amounts of money. Our beloved contemporary version of roulette was launched in Paris in 1796.
  • In the nineteen century, the game became popular in the USA as well. The American roulette with a double zero wheel is very common in the Caribbean, South America, Canada and the US.
  • In the remaining parts of the globe, there is a predominance of the version of roulette with a single zero.
  • The European roulette provides players with considerably better odds than its cousin, the American roulette, and the reason is that in the American version there is an additional double zero which gives an advantage to the casino. Internet casinos offer both versions, and it is your choice which one to play.

Popular Questions About Online Casino Roulette

We are familiar with roulette, we play it, and we have also spent a huge amount of hours evaluating internet roulette casino games and casino websites. So we can honestly say that we know almost all of the possible roulette questions you would ask and for your convenience, we offer you all these answers:

Can I really win money if I play online casino roulette?

online casino roulette chipYes, you can be certain that similar to a live betting casino roulette, this is a high payout game and it is very common among internet casino players.

Is there a practice mode for online roulette?

There certainly is, a big number of internet casinos provide free roulette gameplay to these customers who want to give the casino software a try, get to know the rules and have some fun without putting their money at risk.

Can I download roulette software on my PC?

The online casino roulette software is available from the internet casino which runs the game. You can download, install and play in just a few minutes. Every casino website provides its own software so you need to download software for each internet roulette casino you play at. There is also the option to play in your browser, but you still need to sign up with the online casino be able to do that.

What do I need to play online roulette?

All you need is a mobile device or a computer and a web connection. If you intend to play with real money, you have to have a way for making a deposit, such as an e-wallet or a debit card.

What is the difference between outside and inside bets?

The inside bets are bets that you place on the grid with numbers. The outside bets are bets that you place in these groupings that are on the grid’s outside.

Can I predict what colour will turn up more often?

No, there is the same probability to hit either black or red. Even these people who “clock” wheels in live casinos have much difficulty recognizing a colour bias because each wheel’s segment comes with an equal number of black and red pockets.

Is it smarter to wager using the outside slots when it comes to multiple numbers, or to choose several various numbers inside the board?

You have a higher probability to win  with a single wager when you play these groupings placed outside the number grid. On the other hand, they pay less than when you hit an individual number at Online Casino Roulette. When it comes to statistics, almost all roulette wagers are equal to each other in the long run.

Are European and American roulette the same?

The single difference between the European and the American version is that European roulette comes with a single zero field and the American version comes with both single zero and double zero, which makes your odds of winning smaller. You will be deceived if you think that the difference is small – in fact, it makes a big difference, so if you have the choice, always stick to European roulette.

What is a French roulette?

The wheel here is the same as this of the European version, but there are few differences in the rules. For instance, if you wager on a single number and the outcome is zero, you lose just half of your bet and this rule is popular as La Partage. In addition, there are several various wagers popular as Call Bets that are based on the numbers position on the wheel and not on the chronological order.

The French roulette table is red, why is that?

online casino roulette siteThat is correct; this table is, in fact, red. On the other hand, for wagering purposes, half of its numbers are considered black. Who knows, maybe the French simply like the red colour.

Can I win more money if I double up after a particular loss?

That is certainly a fundamental strategy, but the smartest way to play your money depends a lot on your budget and readiness to risk higher sums. Keep in mind that you can still win when you add smaller amounts slowly.

Do strategies work?

Strategies guaranteeing a win are certainly a myth because the online casino roulette UK game is, in essence, pure chance. No gaming software program or amount of calculations can guess for sure where the ball’s landing place will be. The most useful aspects of strategies are recognizing the best kinds of wagers you have to make according to your playing style.

Can you find software programs helping you identify the most suitable wagers for you?

There are certainly a great number of such programs claiming to be able to recognize the most suitable wager, but it is impossible for them to do anything except determine what are the odds of a ball landing on a given number. A program cannot know where the ball will land – we strongly advise that you never spend money on such software, it would be just a mere loss.

How can I find a decent online casino roulette table?

Check our recommended internet casinos for the top offerings on the web. We have spent a very long time selecting the top games for you. We evaluate every internet roulette casino for its simplicity of joining and playing, its graphics, security, and safety along with great bonuses and payouts. Always choose the European roulette where offered.

How can I know if the games at a certain internet casino are not rigged?

Internet casinos are independently audited and firmly regulated so a fair gaming experience can be provided. There are very strict regulation requirements, and no casino would have the chance to operate if it is rigged in any way. So it is another reason to adhere to the established and reputable internet roulette casinos that we have listed here.

Glossary of Online Casino Roulette

  1. American roulette – Comes with a roulette wheel with thirty-eight pockets, where the double zero is included. It has a higher house edge than its European cousin, so it is recommended to skip it.
  2. Choppy game – This is a game where the house and the players go back and forth, taking turns at losing and winning.
  3. Cold game – This is a game where the house beats the players in general.
  4. Column bet – This is when the player wagers on one of the three columns with twelve numbers placed on the roulette.
  5. Corner bet – This is when a player makes a bet on four wagers by placing chips on the adjacent numbers’ corners. Also popular as Carre (French)
  6. Croupier – This is the employee at the casino who takes care of the roulette table. Quite often referred to as the roulette dealer but they do not deal with any cards.
  7. Dozen bet – This is when a roulette player wagers on one of the three table’s consecutive dozens.
  8. online casino roulette wheelEn prison – This is a nice rule that gives you an advantage for getting the outside bets you have placed after you lose to a zero or double zero. Not provided in most of the contemporary casinos, so it is great if you still discover it somewhere.
  9. European roulette – It comes with thirty-seven pockets on the wheel and it gives you more advantage when you compare it to the American version, because of the absence of a double zero pocket.
  10. Hot game – This is a game where players beat the house in general.
  11. House edge – This is the advantage of the house over its players in a certain percentage when it comes to any particular wager or a game. If the number is lower, the game is fairer for you.
  12. High bet – This is when you place your wager on all numbers between nineteen and thirty-six.
  13. Inside bet – A bet that you place on any specific number. They are called inside bets, because they are located on the roulette table’s inside. These bets usually have very high payouts.
  14. Low bet – This is when you wager on all of the initial eight numbers.
  15. Outside bet – These are even money bets that are located on the roulette table’s outside. They include wagers such as low/high, odd/even and red/black. They are the only wagers benefiting from the rules En Prison.
  16. Quarter bet – This is when you wager on four numbers with just one bet. Quite similar to the corner bet.
  17. Roulette layout – The grid with its coloration and numbers where players place chips to wager.
  18. Roulette table – What is included here is the roulette wheel and the roulette layout.
  19. Roulette wheel – The only segment of the roulette table that moves, this is the mechanism determining which wagers lose and which bets win. It usually has either thirty-eight or thirty-seven separate pockets. This part of the table is taken care of only the croupier.
  20. Straight bet – This is the emblematic wager on a single number. The chance to win it is very low. However, there is thirty-five to one payout by the house, so it is very lucrative. Despite the extremes about it, this wager comes with the same house edge as most of the other roulette bets and therefore, it is very good for chasing the larger casino payouts.
  21. Street bet – A roulette bet that you place on three numbers at once.
  22. Wheel clocking  This is when a roulette wheel’s history is recorded and there is an attempt of recognizing some patterns. This is done with the hope of using some wheel’s flaw that can affect the appearance of some numbers. There has been a hot debate about it in the traditional casino world, but it will not matter in an online casino roulette UK, because of the dependence of random number generators. Most of the casinos encourage track keeping by the players, which shows a lot how useful the wheel clocking is.

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