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The Best Baccarat Online Casinos for Real Money

Welcome to our guide for the best Baccarat online casinos. Our professional casino reviewers have been playing Baccarat online for more than ten years. As well as giving you information on how to enhance your probability of winning, when you are playing for real money Baccarat online, our team of reviewers will provide you help to discover the best Baccarat online casinos, regarding the essential features, such as graphics, quick payouts, customer service and security.

Play Baccarat Like a Professional

best baccarat online casinos betDo you love table games? If you do love them like most of the people do, you will head right for the Blackjack tables when you play an ordinary card game at a brick-and-mortar casino. And it is quite likely that you do the same online. However, if you are not like the majority of people – if you are the kind of table games player who is looking for more fun – then you go straight to the Baccarat tables. Why? Because you have information that most of the players do not.

Real money Baccarat online is one of the most enjoyable table games you will discover at the best Baccarat online casinos. If you have not yet played this game, it will be very useful to you to keep reading this page. We have collected all the essential information about Baccarat that you should take into consideration, including a tutorial on how the game is played, tips about maximising your betting options, and much more. By the time you reach the end of our strategy guide to the real money Baccarat online, you will find out how:

  • You will never have to wait for a table – there is always an availability of seats, and you are the only one at your table.
  • You can play for free – a wonderful option, especially when you are a beginner.
  • You can bet on the player or the bank – it is your decision.
  • Try the live Baccarat online version.

There is more to love about real money Baccarat online, especially when you select to play at online gambling sites offering immediate access to the tables for Baccarat. Keep reading about all you have to know about playing and winning.

Quick Tips for Baccarat

  • In case you are playing in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino, look for casinos where the commission of the house is less than five percent (that is the regular online percentage). You would like to know that while you are developing your gaming skills, you are also playing for the most you can receive rather than giving it to the casino in the form of fees.
  • Do not ever waste your money by betting on a tie – it is just a scam. The tie bet rips you off with a mind-blowing house edge of 14.44%. Just save your money.
  • Try a strategy of betting to diminish some of your losses. The games you are playing will be quite long, so you have to follow the game’s patterns and allow your bets follow, where the game is headed.
  • Manage your bankroll in a clever way. Just pull out if the stakes are too high, and you are still a beginner, and always be alert while the game is going on. In case you are winning a good amount, just take it and savour it, rather than playing too bravely with your luck.

Understanding the Game

Real money Baccarat online is a pretty easy casino game to play. When you start playing it for the first time, it is possible that you will be confused by the sheer number of cards that are dealt and the way cards are added, but do not worry about it. This game is easier to comprehend than Blackjack.

In Blackjack, the big number that you have to hit is twenty-one. In Baccarat, it is nine. But here is where everything becomes quite interesting. In fact, in Baccarat, it is impossible to bust. In Blackjack, just a single wrong decision can cause you to bust out of a hand, even if the dealer ends up with a worse hand than yours. But in Baccarat, it is different.

As a beginning, you have to decide whether you would like to bet on the player or the bank. In general, you are deciding which hand you expect will win. Two cards will be dealt for both hands, and both of these cards are dropped on the felt face up. In the best Baccarat online casinos for real money, you can get a total of three cards, but it depends on your hand total whether the third card drops.

best baccarat online casinos webIf you have received a zero through five, you will get a third card. On the other hand, if you have received a six or seven, you will not get a third card. And in case you are holding eight or nine, you win. It is that simple.

Do you wonder how you can have a zero hand value? Face cards and tens are worth nothing. And since it is not possible to go over nine, any count taking you to more than nine will have you drop down to zero for a fast reset. Just an example – if you get a five followed by an eight, you will have three and not thirteen.

The Best Baccarat Online Casino Websites

If you would like to enhance your playing ability, you should follow the experts’ advice and look for a game of Baccarat on a casino website that complies with your special criteria. Here are several aspects to look for and how you can use them to your advantage:

A high percentage of payout is a good thing

This is the sum that a certain casino will pay you out in the form of winnings. If the Baccarat game has a ninety-eight percent payout, it will give ninety-eight dollars for every hundred dollars wagered. The casino gets the two dollars difference.

Keep in mind that these ninety-eight percent is not what you will receive on your bet, because it is calculated overall for the casino and over a long period of time. On the other hand, selecting a best Baccarat online casino that offers a higher rate means better winning odds.

Play at the best Baccarat online casinos

Are you looking for a casino where you can play online Baccarat? You can start your search at this page. We are huge fans of Baccarat and we certainly know what is important for you when it comes to casino online. Graphics, realistic experience, gameplay, software speed. All these things matter to you, and they also matter to us.

That is the reason why we have placed each online casino we have ever stumbled on through our Baccarat online rating system. As well as the aforementioned categories, we also take into consideration withdrawal processing time, deposit options, quality of customer support and its features such as e-mail response time and availability of live chat and much more.

And since we know that you would like to play many other games in addition to real money Baccarat online, we also look for the top game choice. After evaluating every website, we have compiled a list of the best Baccarat online casinos.

Every one of our choices also provides the top Baccarat real money bonuses, so you know that you can get more cash for your investment, right from the beginning.

The Strategy of Baccarat Online

To play a game of cards as complicated as baccarat you should choose one of these strategies:

best baccarat online casinosYou should follow the shoe

In real money Baccarat online, you have the choice to bet on the player or the bank. The question is where to put your chips? Simply follow the shoe. It is quite an easy betting strategy helping you reach better results.

It is very easy. Simply observe who has won the last few hands – the player or the bank – and look for wagering patterns. Then you can place your bet on whichever option is most suitable for it. This methodology of following the shoe is based on the logical premise that winning occurs in clumps. Baccarat is certainly quite random, but if you want a guidance regarding where to place your chips, this strategy may be a successful one.

You should avoid ties such as the plague

One of the most often occurring mistakes experienced real money Baccarat online players make is when they bet on a tie. It is a very appealing option and seems quite profitable. With it, you can get paid out nine to one if there is a tie of the two hands. In other words, if you bet fifty dollars, you would win four hundred and fifty if a tie happens. However, in reality, ties happen quite rarely. You have probably seen them happening. And in most cases, they occur when you have not bet on one. But as a general rule, ties are pretty rare.

The probability of hitting a tie is so much against you that it is essentially a sucker’s bet, similar to insurance in Blackjack. We strongly advise you to be smart and adhere to more sensible bets.

The Rules of Baccarat

Do you wonder whether to place your bet on the bank or the player? We have gathered the rules you have to know in order to make a decision and to have an understanding of what exactly is happening every time the felt is hit by the cards.

  • A usual live Baccarat online game is played with the use of a six-deck or eight-deck shoe.
  • The value of tens and face cards is zero.
  • Aces are not worth eleven, but one.
  • Suits are completely irrelevant.
  • Baccarat is a single-digit game. You cannot possibly go over nine. In case that happens, then you reset back to zero.
  • The banker and player stand on various hands in case a third card is dealt, and depending on what card the player has been dealt. Take a look at this chart which explains everything:

We all know that players want to be familiar with the game they are playing, and they want to be familiar with the Baccarat table before they get to it. That is the reason why we have compiled a short guide to the game of Baccarat so you can start off smoothly. Just download it, it is free.

In order to make sure you are ready to start playing, our guide gives an explanation of the table’s layout and where your bets should be placed, as well as taking you to how betting works and through the best plays you can make. There is so much to learn when you begin playing live Baccarat online, and you need to be as cautious as possible when you start a game, no matter if it is a traditional land-based casino or at some of the best Baccarat online casinos.

best baccarat online casinos liveThe Short History of the Game of Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino games and has had a pretty curious history even before the James Bond’s appearance. You will be taken through it all in our brief history and arrive at the complicated live Baccarat online gaming available to us nowadays.

  • Baccarat is a name of Italian origin. It means zero.
  • The game of Baccarat was initially played by a gambler whose name was Felix Falguiere. This was back in the middle ages.
  • A tarot card was used in the initial version of Baccarat.
  • Allegedly, the favourite game of James Bond is Baccarat.
  • The whole plot of the film Casino Royale from 1953 revolves around a Baccarat game between the SMERSH operative Le Chiffre and James Bond.
  • In the 2006 remake of Casino Royale, Baccarat was replaced with Texas Hold’Em.

Common Questions About Baccarat

Having its origin in Italy in the fifteen century, the game of Baccarat offers a classy gaming experience and fun. There are several versions you can have fun with, and the gameplay is pretty different from the other games. Since Baccarat is quite distinct from the other card games and since most people are not familiar with, we have made a comprehensive frequently asked section in order to help you start playing the game effortlessly. Do not allow its obscure reputation frighten you, this is one of the simplest games offered by classic and new online casino operators.

What is Baccarat?

In opposition to the common belief, this old game is one of the simplest card games for beginners to learn. It is quite similar to Blackjack in many ways. Baccarat comes with a banker and a player, and each one of them is dealt two cards.

Is it possible to bet only on my hand?

Unfortunately, it is not. This is a big misunderstanding, so let us explain it properly. Despite the names, you can bet on either the banker’s hand or yours. Regardless, you would like to choose the set of cards that is closest to nine. It is your choice. Let us proceed with our best Baccarat online casinos guide.

Is the betting equal for both hands?

Both hands pay equal money, so in case you wager ten dollars on either the player or the banker, and your chosen hand wins, you will get ten dollars back. The difference between the two is that if you wager on the banker you will need to pay the online casino a commission, but if you wager on the player and you win, you will not have to pay a commission. It is a tiny amount, but it is important for the advantage of the banker hand.

Are the values of the hands the same?

best baccarat online casinos betIn Baccarat, card values are different than in other games. Aces are worth one, tens are worth nothing, and all the remaining cards are worth face value.

What constitutes a winning Baccarat hand?

The goal in live Baccarat online is to make the hand with the nearest value to nine. No hand can have a value over nine. If the total amount of your hand is over nine, then the first digit will be dropped from the value. It means that, for example, twelve becomes two and eighteen becomes an eight.

How do I select the best Baccarat online casino?

Graphics are a big part of the fun about playing, and certainly, the best payouts are essential. You would also like to find a best Baccarat online casino that offers an abundant welcome bonus, so you are able to play more for the same sum of money. Your best wager, if you would like to cover these various factors (and others as well) is to just select one of our best Baccarat online casinos.

We list casinos based on the quality of graphics, the payouts of games, the easiness of play, the security and safety provided by the live Baccarat online casinos. We also take into consideration Baccarat casinos online offering the top sign up bonuses.

What do I have to do in order to play at the best Baccarat online casinos?

You will need a computer (laptop) or mobile internet device and internet connection. When you register at one of the best Baccarat online casinos, you will have the option to download the free software they offer and this gives you an access to all their games. You will also usually have the ability to play via any particular no-download platform provided by the casino, but this option varies between the various operators.

Is it possible to play Baccarat for free?

It certainly is, a lot of the best Baccarat online casinos provide options for playing free games so you can get familiar with the particular game. Free games of Baccarat are quite enjoyable and a great way to learn the tricks before putting the money you worked so hard for at risk. In addition, they are a wonderful way to decide if you like the live Baccarat online casino, where you are playing or you would rather look for another one. On the other hand, you will not be able to win any money when playing free Baccarat games at the best Baccarat online casinos. You will need to register at your chosen casino online and bet some real money in order to have a chance of winning some cash.

Glossary of Baccarat Terms

  • The banco – This term stands for the house or bank. It also has a reference to a bet that is made on the Banco hand – this is the hand the dealer always places a wager on. There is a little higher probability for this bet to win than Punto, but it requires a commission. Despite the commission, it is still the wisest wager in the game.
  • best baccarat online casinos gameThe bankroll – This is the total amount of money that a particular player has decided to use for gambling at any moment. Bankroll management is one of the crucial aspects of a good Baccarat strategy.
  • The burn – This term refers to the action of discarding the initial cards of a shoe – it is used to confuse would-be cheats by messing up with the cards’ order. This measure is taken in all games of cards.
  • The callman – This term refers to the dealer – the employee of the casino that calls the game of Baccarat.
  • The commission – This is the total amount of money that should be paid to the casino for having the privilege of making a Banco wager. Usually, it is worth five percent of the wager (with rounding in favor of the house), but in some cases can be just four percent. You have to make sure that five percent of the value of your Banco wager can be paid when you use casino chip denominations for avoiding paying higher amount because of rounding.
  • The down card – A shorthand term describing a facing down card.
  • The face card – This is a category of cards including Jacks, Queens and Kings. Such cards, together with tens, are completely worthless in Baccarat. Let us proceed with our guide to the best Baccarat online casinos.
  • The La grande – This is a French term describing a natural hand that is worth nine. In English, it is translated as “The big one” in opposition to its smaller sized counterpart that is worth eight.
  • The La petite – This is a French term describing a natural hand that is worth eight. In English, it is translated as “the small one” in opposition to its larger sized counterpart that is worth nine.
  • The natural – This is a term describing a two-card hand of Baccarat that is worth either nine or eight. In case just one of these two hands is dealt as a natural, then the round finishes and that hand becomes the winner automatically.
  • The punto – This is the player. This term also has a reference to the hand of Baccarat sitting opposite of the Banco hand. It is not advisable to bet on the Punto hand, because of the higher edge it comes with.
  • The shoe – This is the box used for holding the playing cards’ decks used in the game of Baccarat.
  • The standoff – This happens when the two hands are equally valued. In addition, it can refer to the standoff bet in which the player can bet that there will be a tie of the hands. This bet pays either nine to one or eight to one.
  • The up card – At the end of our guide to the best Baccarat online casinos, we should say that this is a term used for describing a facing up card.

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