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Welcome Into the Guide About Online Poker Real Money UK

When it comes to online poker real money UK, it is quite amazing that ten years ago it was extremely difficult to discover a decent online poker game for real money. Nowadays, however, the selection of online games is mind-blowing.

You are able to play any option – from Texas Hold’em to for example, Pot Limit Omaha – and it can be at virtually any stake you would like, from few cents to very big digits, and you are able to play whenever you like, conveniently from your home.

But how to select the best game and best online poker websites, how can you increase your bankroll, and where should you begin playing and depositing at online poker real money UK?

This page is about useful strategy, advice and tips necessary to get the best real money poker UK experience. We can now take a look at some of the game’s rules as a beginning and then facilitate your actual gameplay so you would not spend unnecessary time reviewing virtual tables.

Some Tips About Poker

  • Study carefully your opponents – poker online is not about playing cards, but rather people.
  • Play at multiple tables to increase the volume of your play and therefore your winnings.
  • Spend just a few pennies by playing at micro-stakes as you are not able to do that in traditional land based casinos.
  • Use risk-free freerolls for boosting your bankroll.

Understanding the Game of Online Poker

The most common type of poker, both at legal internet poker websites and traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, is the No Limit Texas Hold’em. The basic reason for its popularity is obvious – it is truly easy to learn.

Dealing the Cards

As a start, every player is dealt two cards that face down. These are the “hole cards” of the players, and only the player gets to see them. Then, in the table’s middle, five cards are dealt up, coming with a round of wagering between each card. These five community cards are distributed to every player at the table.

online poker real money uk cardsFlop, Turn, River

After the first round of wagering, three cards are dealt on the board, all of them face up, and they are known as “the flop”, then what follows is another round of wagering, and then there is a single “turn” card that is dealt up on the table. After one last round of wagering, any players who are left in turn over the cards they have in order to see who holds the best hand. The pot is won by the winning hand, and players are splitting the pots for holding hands with the same value.

The goal is to make the best poker hand with five cards from any of the five cards placed on the board and the two cards you hold in your hand. The ranking is based on the traditional rankings of poker hands, where the high card is the lowest winning hand, and the highest is the royal flush.

Texas Hold’em and Omaha – Favourites of the Contemporary Players

Online poker real money UK has various forms, but the most popular is the No Limit Texas Hold’em. There are no limits with this game when it comes to the sums you can wager. You cannot be priced out of a wager – you can wager everything in front of you. There is a popularity of limit games in the USA, but these do not provide such excitement.

The Omaha

Especially when it comes in its Pot Limit format – it is another very common online card game. Quite similar to Texas Hold’em, it comes with one basic difference – each player is dealt four cards, instead of two hole cards, and this time, the player has to use two of his or her own cards and also three community cards in order the best five card hand to be made. The pre-flop and the post-flop wagering is done in a similar way, however, with Pot Limit the player is able to only raise the amount that is in the pot at the particular time; there are no all-in options similar to those in No Limit Texas Hold’em.

The Pot Limit Omaha

Also known as PLO, is most common in real money online games, because the action is crazy, and in such real cash games you quite often find a lot of easy cash. Pot Limit Omaha is quite more complicated to learn and master than Hold’em, and being such, it attracts some quite weak players who are only curious to learn what all the noise is about. You should find a decent online poker real money UK site with great Omaha games, and you can win easy money. Even better option is to leave the task of finding it to us.

Discovering the Best Online Poker Sites

Despite the legal state of online poker in the USA where people are denied the possibility to play poker online, the worldwide popularity of the game is constantly rising among players on Macs, PCs and laptops from the beaches of Australia to the forests of Canada and everywhere else.

Today, you can play Omaha and Hold’em, cash games, tournaments, Stud and Draw poker, qualify for major live events or play secluded home games with friends on the web.

online poker real money uk live

There are more people playing at the best online poker sites than ever before, but where should you start when selecting an online room for real money where you can play poker? For each prominent website that has full tables, there is another website struggling to fill a single table. For each website that offers safe and secure gameplay, there is another website with a murky reputation that should be avoided.

If you are excited about online poker real money UK, selecting the proper room is the initial and crucial decision you can make. Fortunately, our experts evaluate and rank the very best online poker sites, so you will be able to choose one of them and make your first deposit without any concerns.

Register now and you will be able to get a decent real money deposit bonus which gives you the chance to play poker and getting real cash when the deposit is matched by the website. The more you play poker, the better probability you can “play through” the amount of the deposit.

Discover the best online poker sites for free money – what to take into consideration:

  • Secure and safe audited software.
  • Large players pools for larger prizes and fast action.
  • Decent deposit bonuses for attracting users.
  • A broad range of poker games.
  • A decent availability of deposit options for real money.
  • Quick cashouts so you can get your winnings fast.

How to Win at Online Poker Real Money UK

If you want to play some card games online for real money, you should probably start with Texas Hold’em. What are the essential things to learn for the poker player who is just starting off? Let’s review some basic tips that are needed to get you started.

The starting hands

At the start of a certain hand, you will only get two cards. It means you should make sure they are both strong ones. It is much simpler to play a pot when you are holding strong cards, especially when you are a beginner, as it reduces the probability to get into unpleasant situations. In case you know you are beat even when having a decent hand, you should not be in that hand – it is that simple.

online poker real money ukEven a beginner is able to make big amounts of money at the small and micro stakes online games if he or she is playing a solid, tight, ABC game. If the situation is good and the hand is good, you should play it. If on the other hand, you know that you are beat and the other player is not going to fold, you should simply muck your hand and fight in another game. So, after all, what is a good starting hand?

The strong hands

Certainly, high pairs such as Q-Q, K-K, J-J, A-A and ten –ten are worth raising with, especially in late position. A-J, A-Q and A-K all suited, are other examples of strong hands you would like to raise using pre-flop. In addition, they are decent hands for making continuation bets with, which means that in case you have raised pre-flop and also have hit a flop that is not helping you (for example, all of the three cards are below yours) you may have the wish to lead out with a wager to show strength.

The hands with medium strength

Next are the hands with medium strength, such as J-10, Q-10 and K-10, and also medium pairs such as 7-7, 8-8 and 9-9. They are all decent raising hands, depending on the dynamic and position of your table, but it is also possible to be called within a more aggressive pre-flop wagering round.

The marginal hands

At the end of the types of hands, there are the marginal hands such as A-9, 2-2, 3-3 that are all decent hands for calling with pre-flop if you are in late position. You can disguise your hand when you are hitting trips (three of one kind) on the flop, and then you can start being more aggressive.

One of the beautiful aspects of online poker real money UK is that there are no two tables that are the same. If you are at a pretty tight table, you can stir the things by broadening your starting hand range to take advantage of weakness. For most novices, however, a solid game that involves strong starting hands makes sense, despite being a little boring to begin with. Let us proceed with our guide to online poker real money UK and best online poker sites.

The Game is All About Position

Do you think that the starting hand you are holding is pretty much all that is needed to get a juicy pot? You should think again. Online poker real money UK is all about where you are positioned in relation to the ongoing action, and Texas Hold’em is not an exclusion.

The late position

If you find yourself in a late position (meaning last or near last to make a wagering choice), you will be presented with a decent probability to observe what all the other players have done before you. Half the players may have folded their cards, it is also possible that a couple of the players have called a bet. In case you are the last to act you have the option to punish their passiveness with a raise.

You should play strong hands when you find yourself in late position, but they should be mixed up with marginal hands such as A-9, J-9, Q-10 and so on in a pot that is unraised. Moreover, your pre-flop aggressive play can add more credibility to any firm play you are willing to use on the next round in case a garbage flop falls, and you would like to give a steal a try. Be prepared to fold your high pair if there is a lot of action coming with a threatening flop.

The early position

online poker real money uk tornamentIf you find yourself in an early position, on the other hand, such as what it comes after the big blind (under the gun) or also next to him (which is UTG+1) you will want to keep playing strong hands that will stand to raises. It is all good and sensible to raise A-10 UTG but what happens if another player re-raises you from late position – what are the choices you have now? And in case you call, you will be the first to act after the dealing of the flop. And then you will have no idea about the action of the player in late position after you.

There are some players advocating not playing any early position hands, but in case you do, just make sure they are good.

Some Advanced Tips

Real mastering of online poker real money UK may take you a lifetime, and there are a lot of experienced poker players who can read the moves of other players – especially with online poker – and then call out bluffs with a severity that is well-timed.

Internet poker fits perfectly the developing player since there are so many resources on the web. You also get the chance to play a great variety of games and the ability to see more hands than live casino players. Because of this, your learning of the game is quickly improving.

Get to know pot odds

Pot odds are one of those easy things that should be grasped by all players, but in reality, very few of them do grasp them. The fundamental idea about pot odds is how to figure out the amount of money the pot is offering you in relation to the probability of hitting your desired hand.

For example, you can hold a pair of fours in the beginning of a hand. In order to hit another four, to make a set, on the flop the odds you would have will come around 7.5 to one. You know this fact since there are only two other cards you have to have (two out of fifty-two), you hold two, and the rest of the players hold two apiece (when it is assumed that you do not know what cards they are holding).

If you are not going to make over 7.5 to one on your wager by playing, it is in fact not worth playing; it means the “pot odds” are not satisfying for your call.

So, if the pot had twenty-five pounds in it, and you needed to wager five pounds, the pot odds you have would be five to one: not enough in order to make the call.

However, let’s imagine you make the call after all, and the flop misses you completely, coming J-K-2. Your probability of hitting that four just increased, as there are already fewer cards to appear. However, the action becomes a bit odd post-flop and you are being provided around ten to one on your money to make a call, having in mind that the hand odds you have are about nine to one. Now is the moment to make a call.

The crucial art of multi-tabling

If you would like to play online poker real money UK seriously, learning the essential things about online multi-table poker is a basic element of your internet poker career.

Multi-tabling means that your game screen is loaded with as many tables as you can manage at once. There are a lot of professionals who will play about sixteen to twenty-four poker games simultaneously, whether they are Sit n Gos, tournaments or cash games and this allows for quicker play, higher volume, and at the end, a higher ROI – return on investment. In addition, in case you have signed up to a legal poker room that comes with a deposit bonus, the multi-tabling will ensure you a quicker play-through when it comes to any real cash bonus you wish to activate. Let us proceed with our guide to online poker real money UK and the best online poker sites.

The bankroll management

online poker real money uk bankingAs much as a crucial tip when it comes to online poker real money UK as it is when it comes to live wagering for real money, you should make sure your bankroll is sorted before you begin playing for real cash.

Yes, the dollar signs quite easily appear in front of you and you are more than willing to jump into the cash game or a tournament. However, if you do not have the needed funds in case things worsen, you will bust fast.

The most useful advice we could give you is to take a given sum of money you are willing to wager with and set it aside. If you are hit, decrease the levels, build a backup of your bankroll, then jump the stakes up if you feel comfortable.

How much you have to have when it comes to the buy-in? As a basic rule of thumb, in case you are playing cash games, set aside twenty-thirty buy-ins (especially in case you are playing more than one table) and when it comes to tournaments, it is practical and makes sense to have a bankroll of fifty buy-ins. In this case, you can handle the swings and also reload without trouble.

Investing in tracking software

For the fans of legal cash games, you can consider purchasing some tracking software. HUDs or Heads-Up displays, such as Poker tracker four, sit on your legitimate software of the poker room and lets you track the other players at the table. It is a crucial tool if you are intending to take comprehensive notes on regular opponents.

Short History of Online Poker Real Money UK

Poker online is quite young, yet its short life so far is already quite interesting – filled with embarrassing lows and impressive highs. Let us see some of the fundamental moments in the internet poker life.

  • 1998 – The year when the first internet poker website, Planet Poker came to life, with an availability of Texas Hold’em games for real money.
  • 2003 – Chris Moneymaker is the first ever online qualifier who wins the main event of the World series of poker. Chris had qualified for eighty dollars on and won his entry into the ten thousand dollars showpiece.
  • 2006 – UIGEA is passed by the US congress (the unlawful internet enforcement act) – it banned financial transactions at internet poker websites. It meant that poker online was outlawed effectively in the USA.
  • 2011 – The black Friday when the department of justice shut down five of the largest online poker websites for money laundering. A lot of Americans playing online lost their funds and some of these people are still waiting for a return.
  • 2012 – Players have mobile poker at their disposal, so they are able to play for real cash on their tablets and phones.
  • 2013 – Pokerstars, the biggest poker website in the world, deals its one hundred billionth hand. Some states in the US started launching their own intrastate internet poker websites, the first to emerge was Ultimate Poker from Nevada.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Poker Real Money UK

Since we know you have a lot of questions about online poker, we included the following information:

How can I find the best online poker sites with great reputation?

online poker real money uk iconThe best way to discover online poker sites that are secure and safe is to follow the links we have included on the current page. We have only recommended the rooms with the best reputation on the web meaning that your funds are secure and you will not be cheated out.

What is needed so I can play online poker?

You need a running Mac, PC or smartphone and you can have fun legally with online poker real money UK. Ensure a decent internet connection as well as a way of avoiding service drop while you are playing your game.

Where am I able to get poker software for my PC?

Each online poker real money UK website will offer a software client that you can download directly. Download their software, sign up for real money account, login and start playing. There are poker rooms offering “no download” client, so you can play using your web browser without having to download heavy programs on your hard drive.

Am I able to play online poker for free?

The answer is yes. Most of the best online poker sites provide “free to play” games where you can try out the different games for free before depositing real money. Most of the large sites also provide daily freerolls where you can win real money without having to pay to enter the tournaments.

Is playing online poker legal?

It depends on your country of residence. There are countries that have made poker online legal, as well as the other types of gambling online, while in some other countries online poker is still in limbo. In the United States of America, for example, there is a state to state differing of the law. Online poker is legal in some states and plainly against the law in others and some others no clear law is governing poker online. Depending on the country you live in, make sure you are familiar with the legal status of online poker if you intend to play it.

Am I able to play online poker on my mobile phone?

Currently, all types of mobile gambling have exploded, and you are now able to play poker online using your smartphone at a lot of the best online poker sites. The software and graphics may not be as perfect as your PC client, but the convenience of playing on the go is unbeatable.

What are the other options I can play online?

online poker real money uk pcIf there is a poker variant that has already been invented, you will most likely be able to play it. Texas Hold’em is the most common poker variant available and Stud and Omaha are both catching up when it comes to online popularity. Most of the best online poker sites (not all) will also provide games of Razz (this is Stud that is played with the lowest hand winning), and four –max, six-max and Heads-Up Hold’em could be found at many online rooms.

What is the difference between tournaments and cash games?

In tournaments, you will get chips you can play the tournament with. When you have run out of chips in a freezeout tournament, you are out of the game. Rebuy, or also called re-entry tournaments, are getting more common, however, and they allow you rebuying back in one time or two times in case you have run out of chips. When playing cash games, you are allowed to sit down with a maximum or minimum amount, and you can leave the game at any moment you choose. The blinds are constant throughout the game.

What is the actual difference between limit and no limit?

In the no limit games, there is no maximum limit – as long as you are left with some chips, you can raise as much as you wish. The limit games do not allow wagering above a set limit at any moment of the game. When it comes to Pot limit games, one of the most popular from which is Pot limit Omaha, they allow you to raise just the sum of the total pot at any moment of the game. Let us proceed with our guide to online poker real money UK.

What is UIGEA?

The UIGEA, or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, was originally attached to the Safe Port Act from 2006 and prohibited the means of placing online wagers. In other words, prohibited financial transactions to internet poker websites – they were made illegal and not the actual online playing of poker.

Are poker games online rigged?

Despite that there have been many situations of collusion and cheating in poker online, the best online poker sites currently are legitimate and safe. The largest rooms are audited and regulated independently to protect the funds of the players and to offer playing environment that is risk-free.

Is online poker entirely a game of chance and luck or a strategy can be employed for improving the odds of winning?

Many people say that for novices, poker is seventy percent luck and thirty percent skill, and those figures reverse when it comes to skilled professionals. While luck is quite important in online poker real money UK, there is a substantial amount of skill involved in making real money at this game, in the strategy of wagering as well as in the aggression, bluffing and psychology.

Glossary of Online Poker Real Money UK Terms

  • The action – this is the turn of the player to wager, raise or fold.
  • The all in – this is when you commit all the chips you have in a poker hand.
  • The backdoor – a draw that requires you to complete two connectors or cards that are same suited.
  • The bad beat – this is an unlucky loss when you have played against the odds.
  • The bankroll – this is the sum of money the player has set aside for poker.
  • The big blind – this is a mandatory wager made before cards are dealt by the player two seats after the button.
  • The boat – this is a full house.
  • The blind – this is a mandatory wager that is placed before cards are dealt.
  • online poker real money uk starsThe bluff – wager or raise without the best hand to induce an opponent’s fold.
  • The board – community, or shared cards.
  • The bubble – this is a player who is eliminated before the money in a tournament.
  • The burn – this is the card that is discarded by the dealer before community cards are dealt.
  • The button – this is the seat where the dealer sits.
  • The buy-in – the sum of money required so a tournament can be entered.
  • The call – wager the same sum as another player’s wager. Let us proceed with our guide to online poker real money UK and the best among new and classic sites for online poker .
  • The check – this is when you choose not to wager but to stay in the hand.
  • The continuation bet – this is a wager made post-flop by a player who wagered first pre-flop.
  • The drawing dead – this is when a player cannot win the hand, no matter of the coming community cards.
  • The fish – this is a bad or inexperienced player.
  • The fifth street – this is the final community card or river that is dealt out.
  • The flop – these are the first three community cards that are dealt.
  • The flush – this is a hand that consists of five cards that are all of the same suit.
  • The fold – this is when you throw away your hand.
  • The fourth street – this is the turn card.
  • The full house – this is a hand that consists of three-of-a-kind and also a pair. Let us proceed with our guide to online poker real money UK.
  • The freeroll – this is a tournament where there is no buy-in.
  • The freezeout – this is a game where there is no a re-buy option.
  • The gutshot – this is an uncompleted straight that requires one card.
  • The heads-up – this is a poker game that is played only between two players.
  • The hole cards – these are the cards that are dealt face down to the player.
  • The kicker – this is the highest unpaired card in a given hand that is used for breaking ties.
  • The limp – this is when you call the big blind pre-flop.
  • The loose – aggressive or reckless player.
  • The monster – this is a particularly strong hand.
  • The MTT – this is a multi-table tournament.
  • The muck – this is when you fold a hand and are not revealing hole cards.
  • The nuts – this is the hand that is best possible.
  • The offsuit – these are hole cards of various suits.
  • The outs – these are the remaining cards in the pack that you can use for completing a winning hand.
  • The overpair – this is when you are holding a pocket pair that is higher than any possible pair when using community cards.
  • The play the board – this is when you are using all the community cards for creating a hand.
  • The pocket pair – this is a pair in your initial hand.
  • The position – this is the turn of the particular player in the betting order.
  • The quads – these are four of one kind.
  • The rags – this is an opening hand that is terrible, such as seven to two offsuit.
  • The rainbow – this is a flop that consists of cards of various suits.
  • The raise – to wager more than the previous bet.
  • The rake – this is the percentage of pot that is taken by the cardroom. Let us proceed with our guide to online poker real money UK and the best online poker sites.
  • The river – this is the fifth and last community card.
  • online poker real money uk phoneThe satellite – this is a tournament that awards an entry into a bigger tournament.
  • The set – these are three of a kind that include a pair in the hole.
  • The showdown – when three or more players reveal cards in order to decide which hand is winning.
  • The side pot – these are extra pots that are contested after a multiple all-in.
  • The sit and go – this is a tournament starting after the filling of all seats. Usually single table.
  • The small blind – this is a mandatory small wager made by a player after button prior to dealing of the cards.
  • The straight – this is a hand that consists of connecting cards.
  • The split pot – this is a pot that is equally divided fbetween tied hands.
  • The top pair – this is a pair that includes a hole card plus the biggest community card.
  • The trips – these are three of one kind where only one hole card is included.
  • The turn – this is the fourth community card.
  • The Under the gun – at the end of our guide to online poker real money UK, this is the player who acts first before the flop.

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