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Our Guide to Online Caribbean Stud Poker

Welcome to our page about online Caribbean Stud. We all know how to play Hold’em, so there are lean pickings in that game. What about Caribbean Stud? This is entirely new ball game with a lot of opportunities for smart players to make some real money. How can you become smart in this game? Take it easy. We will help you with this comprehensive guide to caribbean Stud poker online real money.

Become a Professional at Caribbean Stud

online caribbean stud poker gameUndoubtedly, the internet poker mania is something persisting. All over the world, there are millions of people who play internet poker. And apparently, there is a million dollar tournament occurring at some place in the Caribbean each day. However, no extreme bluffing skills are required in order to win at Caribbean Stud poker online real money, especially in case you play against a dealer.

Caribbean Stud poker online real money amalgamates the fun of your favourite traditional poker game with the excitement of busting the house. And you do not need to go to a land-based casino in order to play it. When you decide to play online casino Caribbean Stud for real money, you will be able to take advantage of all these features:

  • You can play for as little as one dollar per hand – that is much less than the usual ten dollars a brick-and-mortar casino requires.
  • Do not be concerned about being bluffed out of the hand – in this game, it is only you and your dealer and best hand wins.
  • You are able to fold in case you do not like your hand.

Interested in news about casinos  for real cash where you can play online Caribbean Stud? There is much more to like about it, so keep reading for all the essential details and then go online and give it a try at busting the house.

Tips About the Caribbean Stud Card Game

  • You must fold anything smaller than King and Ace in all cases: If you have anything smaller, the dealer will certainly have a better hand than you, as this is the required qualifying hand. Just wait for the next time.
  • You must make sure that you play hands with a pair, in all cases: This is a pretty safe way of knowing that you have a hand that comes with some clout, and you certainly have to make sure that you have a pair in case you are raising.
  • Do not be afraid to surrender – just walk away if your hand seems beatable:That is a smart way to play. You will begin to get a better feeling about how your hand appears when you observe a game from a distance, not participating in it and seeing what is done by the competition.
  • Find a progressive jackpot that is healthy: It is not an easy thing at all to hit the jackpot. In case you want to diminish your losses, you should wait until the jackpot reaches six figures.

Getting Familiar With the Game of Online Caribbean Stud Poker

Who holds the better hand? Is it you with a ten kicker and a King high? Or is it the other player with a Jack kicker and a King high? If you think that it is the other player, you would be right – but only in case you are playing poker against other people.

However, in case you are playing Caribbean Stud poker for real money, you are in fact way ahead. The reason for this is that in order for the dealer to hold a strong hand, he has to have at least Ace or King. Anything less is an instant win for you, even if you have a worse hand.

That is what makes real money online Caribbean Stud poker so rewarding and enjoyable. If you are a beginner at this game, it is quite an easy one to understand. Online casino Caribbean Stud uses the ranking system stud card. You can see here how the cards are ranked from the lowest to the highest:

online caribbean stud liveYour target is to get the better hand, but you will also have the opportunity to walk away if what you see is not good for you. Playing online Caribbean Stud for real money comes with two bets – the first is Ante bet and then a Call bet. The Ante bet is always required, but the Call bet is required only if you have a confidence in your hand. In many cases, the Call bet is called a Raise bet, but there are variations from one site to another.

Begin by placing the Ante bet. Whenever you are ready, just click the Deal button. Then the system will deal you five cards, all of them face up. The dealer will get five cards, only one of which will be exposed. The rest are face down.

When you use the one known card as a guide, your task is to decide whether you feel you hold the better hand. Unlike video poker where you have the option to swap cards, here you have to work with the cards you are dealt. In case you like your hand, you can call when you click the Call button. An additional bet of double your Ante then is placed in the table’s Call area. In essence, you have triple of your first bet on the table. It means that if you had placed a one dollar bet in the ante, you would have a total of three dollars – one dollar ante and two dollars call.

The hand of the dealer is revealed at this point. If you have a greater hand than that of the dealer, you will get paid out one to one on your ante wager, and you will also get paid out in accordance with your call bet’s pay schedule. The bigger your hand, the more real cash you will win.

In case the dealer does not hold at least an Ace or a King, you will win instantly. On the other hand, you will get paid out only for your ante.

The Best Online Caribbean Stud Casinos

Online casino Caribbean Stud is a game with high stakes, and recurring gamblers want to play quality games on quality websites. That is the reason why it is strongly advisable to have a predetermined set of requirements or features that comply with your preferences when it comes to your online casino experience before you choose your website. Further down, there are several features that professional gamers like to see, with additional explanations of how these can be useful in your game:

Choose an online casino that offers the highest payout percentage

This payout percentage is the ratio the casino will pay out in the form of winnings on the sum of money wagered. For example, a payout rate is a ninety-eight percent, meaning that the casino pays ninety-eight dollars in winnings for each hundred dollars wagered. What is left is the profit for the casino.

Please, keep in mind that ninety-eight percent is not the rate that you will receive on any particular bet you have made. The reason is because this figure is an average for the whole casino and is calculated over thousands of players and over several months. It is always best to choose casinos offering the highest percentage because it will increase the probability of higher wins.

The top online casino Caribbean Stud poker websites

We are all huge fans of poker, so when we noticed that many casinos were offering online Caribbean Stud for real money, we got pretty excited. However, not every casino provides this wonderful experience.

online caribbean stud pokerMany online casinos are slot casinos. That means that despite that they offer superb slot machine experience, they lack when it comes to table games. If you are a fan of table games, you would like to play Caribbean Stud card game at some place offering truly realistic experience.

As ardent fans of table games, we have reviewed and rated pretty much all online casinos in the world. Each website has been put through the ringer by rating game selection, customer support service, quality of graphics, software, game play, speed, deposit options, times for withdrawals and much more. When we rate every Caribbean Stud poker for real money site, we act as new players and go through everything that would be experienced by a new player. This gives us the opportunity to emulate a genuine real world experience and to gather a rating reflecting accurately the expectations of other new players.

There are only gambling websites with top marks that have been included in our list, so when you select to play using one of our recommendations, you can be confident that you are choosing a place you can fully trust.

The Strategy of Online Caribbean Stud Poker

Here are the three main principles for a successful game:

What to drop and what to hold

A game that comes with two bets may appear somehow complex, especially in the case when you are against a dealer’s hand where only one card faces up. However, if you would like to improve your chances of winning real money at online casino Caribbean Stud, you can rely on fundamental strategy. You should never fold a pair and you should always fold anything less than AK is very useful advice, especially in case you are just a beginner at online Caribbean Stud.

Playing with multiple betting types

Have you been told that you are able to reduce the house edge by up to 2.3 percent just by sticking to a particular strategy when you have King, Ace? Here is what you must always consider in such situations:

If your dealer is showing a King or an Ace, and you have A, K, Q or A, K, J, just go ahead and call. There is quite a big chance that even if your dealer has A, K, your hand will beat it. You must also think about calling in case you have A, K and your dealer is showing a two through a Queen, and also assuming that you have one of those cards, too. Moreover, in case your dealer is showing two through five and you are holding A, K, Q or A, K, J, just go ahead and call.

The rules of Caribbean Stud

There are various payouts depending on which online casino Caribbean Stud site you have selected to play at, but quite many websites comply with the following schedule. Keep in mind that the following payouts are for your Call bet. The Ante bets get paid out one to one in all cases. In addition, in case you have hit a high hand, such as the Royal flush, and your dealer did not qualify, it means you will not get paid out on your Call bet.

History of Caribbean Stud

online caribbean stud game playDespite that the game is quite a new addition to the gambling world, there are many things to tell about the Caribbean Stud card game’s development. Here is a short guide about it:

  • The game of Caribbean Stud poker was initially introduced by some casinos in an attempt to attract more players to their tables – in fact, players who had more interest in home games and poker rooms over table games.
  • There has been an ongoing debate about the game’s origin.
  • Formally, the credit for the creation of the game goes to James Suttle. It is said that he acquired the rules of the game from another poker player in Las Vegas in the nineteen-eighties and then sold the idea to Danny Jones, the owner of an Aruba-based casino.
  • The game’s rights were eventually bought by Mikhon Gaming, a distribution company from Nevada.
  • There are other casino players claiming that they have played the game of Caribbean Stud poker when travelling on a cruise ship to Aruba before the invention of the game by Suttle.

Frequently asked questions about online Caribbean Stud

Our reviewers are all professional players of online casino Caribbean Stud, and they perfectly know what to consider in a decent online Caribbean Stud casino. In addition, they know what you would like to see before making your selection of a Caribbean Stud poker for real money website, and they have gathered a list of frequently asked questions and answers so you can quickly get into the game.

What is the Caribbean Stud card game?

It is poker game that is played like the five card stud poker but on a table resembling a blackjack table. This game uses a regular fifty-two card deck, and the players need to beat the dealer, not the other players. The dealer has to initially qualify in order to win so players are able to win even when they are holding low ranking hands in case the dealer is not holding a qualifying opening hand.

What are the rankings of cards in the game of Caribbean Stud poker?

Similar to the regular five card stud poker, the hands, from the lowest to the highest, are one pair, two pair, three of the same kind, the straight, the flush, the full house, four of the same kind, the straight flush and the royal flush. If your hand comes with a kicker, it will be used for determining the winner if there is a tie.

What is an Ante?

Your Ante is your first bet. You pay your Ante in order to be dealt into your hand. In case you fold, you lose your Ante.

What s a bet?

After the ante, in case you do not fold and you decide to play you are able to bet. This entails betting another amount equal to your ante, but in this case around you have the advantage of being able to see your cards.

When do I have to fold within the game of online Caribbean Stud poker?

Because the dealer needs to qualify with a certain type of hand in order to win, in no cases you should fold unless you have less than a pair. In case you fold, you lose your first bet anyway, and there is quite a big probability that still, a low hand can win. It happens very often for the dealer’s hand to fail to qualify which means that it is good to be patient, wait and hope for the best to happen.

online caribbean studAm I able to play Caribbean Stud poker for free?

There are a lot of online casino Caribbean Stud sites offering a free option for this game. These free games provide you with the opportunity to get familiar with the game and software and hone your individual strategy. You are also able to get a general feeling of the casino and whether the way it has been set goes along with your taste. Once you have gained some experience playing the free games and you are already confident enough, you can smoothly switch to Caribbean Stud poker online real money versions of this game in order to be able to earn real cash that could be withdrawn and spent as you like.

What is the advantage of the casino when you are playing online Caribbean Stud poker?

The house edge is usually about a five percent in favour of the casino. This makes the odds of Caribbean Stud similar to roulette and some other casino games based on chance.

Can I rely on the fairness of online Caribbean Stud games?

You surely can, if you choose a regulated online casino Caribbean Stud site with a good reputation. That can be difficult for novices, which is why selecting one of our recommended casinos would be very useful for you. We have made sure that all the casinos included in our list are secure, fair and reputable ones, holding a license issued by a government agency in its corresponding country, and also pay out a fair percentage amount based on the particular games.

What do I have to do in order to be able to play online Caribbean Stud?

All you have to have in order to play is an internet device (Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet and also internet connection. Once you have selected your casino, you will need to download their software – luckily it is free, and you can download it in a few minutes. The only exception is iPhone, Mac and iPad players – they cannot use the downloaded software. The option for them is internet casinos offering the games in browser mode.

Where am I able to find an online casino Caribbean Stud site with a good reputation?

There are literally thousands of internet Caribbean Stud card games online, and many more are appearing every year. That is the reason why it is so useful to check our website often so you can discover the most suitable options for you offered currently on the web. We have very strict criteria for determining which online Caribbean Stud games to offer you by narrowing down our selections to only those providing the top graphics, highest security and payouts and the top software. Instead of suffering from the trial and error method for choosing your internet casino, do yourself a favour and try out our recommendations. When you discover the proper casino for you, register at their site for free so you can begin playing and enjoying the game right away.

Glossary of Top Terms for Online Caribbean Stud

  • The Ace King – This is the lowest hand that qualifies. You must never raise with a hand that is lower.
  • The Ante – All players have to place this bet at the beginning of the game. You are not able to get any cards before you have placed your Ante bet.
  • The Ante box – This is the location that is marked on the table of Caribbean Stud poker in front of every player. It is used for placing all bets.
  • Calling the dealer – This is a slang term used for raising; referring to “calling a bluff” in classic games of poker, despite that, obviously, the dealer cannot be bluffing.
  • online caribbean stud gameThe dealer – This is the casino employee operating the games of Caribbean Stud poker. He or she is responsible for paying and collecting wagers and also for the dealing of cards and determining who are the losers and winners in each round.
  • The drop slot – This is the table’s slot where players are able to place the side bets in regards to the progressive jackpot.
  • The flush – This is a hand in which all five cards are of one suit. This is the minimum value of a hand required to get a payout from a side bet.
  • The garbage hand – This is a slang phrase used for a hand with a very low value, usually less than it is necessary for qualifying (AK). The name suggests that the hand should be “thrown away” or folded because the only case in which it wins is if the dealer’s hand does not qualify.
  • The house – This is the casino.
  • The house edge – This is the statistical advantage of the house when it comes to the games. In the Caribbean Stud card game, the house edge is a little more than five percent, and that is considered normal for the casinos.
  • The folding – This is when you decide to forfeit a hand after you have seen one’s cards. It allows players to diminish their losses after placing an ante bet but having to raise and put even more real money at risk.
  • The pay table – This is the diagram showing the value of any particular winning hand. Let us proceed with our guide to online Caribbean Stud poker.
  • The progressive jackpot – This is a jackpot that is separate from the game. In order to be eligible for it, you should make a side wager and ultimately raise your hand. Your hand’s value will determine if you win (you must hold a flush or more). A segment of any of these side bets contributes towards making the progressive jackpot bigger as time goes on, while on the other hand, winning side wagers reduces the jackpot’s size.
  • The progressive meter – This is the digital display showing the progressive jackpot’s real time value for the Caribbean Stud poker online real money game.
  • The push – This is the technical term used for a tie in Caribbean Stud card game as well as various casino poker games. The result is a return of the player’s bet and neither the player nor the house lose or win anything.
  • The qualifying – A qualified hand could be any hand that is held by the dealer that is no less than Ace-King hand. Such hand is required in order the game to go through its full course, while a non-qualified hand has as a result even money payouts on the all remaining players’ antes.
  • The raises – These are the bets made after the player has got her or his cards. These bets should be strictly twice the value of the ante of the player.
  • The royal flush – This is the hand that ranks top in the game of Caribbean Stud poker, as well as in the majority of other classic poker games. It is formed by getting a Queen, King, Jack, Ace and Ten all in one suit. This hand is the key to winning the whole progressive jackpot. For example, if we assume that you have made a side bet, and it is very, very unlikely to appear in any particular hand.
  • The side bet – This is the kind of bet made on the progressive jackpot. It is usually worth one dollar.
  • The straight flush – Approaching the end of our guide to online Caribbean Stud, we should say that this is the second top hand in the game of Caribbean Stud poker. It is formed when you get a straight where all cards come from one suit. In case it includes A, K, Q, J, 10 (which is the highest possible five consecutive cards) then it becomes a royal flush, a stronger hand.

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