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Playing Online Casino Keno for Real Money

When it comes to online casino Keno, do you have fun playing Bingo? If yes, you will enjoy Keno. Choosing numbers and observing how they appear is one of the most genuine kinds of gambling. Moreover, we have selected some of the top places for you to play at in addition to a comprehensive game’s evaluation. So do not hesitate and go for Keno. Take a further look at our online casino Keno guide.

Playing Keno Like a a Professional

Do you enjoy the lottery? We do very much. However, on the other hand, we dislike waiting for the end of the week to have fun. That is when the large draws occur. Moreover, we also hate being beaten when the numbers we have picked come up rarely. That is the reason why we enjoy online casino Keno very much.

In general, online casino Keno for real money is the “on demand” lottery. Choose your numbers, wait for series of numbers to be drawn by the casino and then for your payout according to the total of numbers you have caught. Up until only a few years ago, you needed to go to your local brick and mortar casino to be able to play this game. However, owing to internet casino websites, the best online Keno now is just a click away. Moreover, the convenience is not the only reason why you would enjoy real money Keno so much. There are also these:

  • The game is totally mindless – you do not need to make any decisions after you have selected the numbers.
  • You can play only a few numbers or many of them – it is your choice.
  • When you play internet Keno, you do not have to wait for the game to begin – every game is under your control.

Those are only a few of the essential reasons why you will enjoy playing the best online Keno for real money. However before you start, ensure you get to know the strategy tips that have to be followed if you are to win. Take a look at all this information.

Quick Tips About Online Casino Keno

online casino keno topPlay a stable sequence of numbers – it is simpler to keep track of the frequently coming up numbers. Observing the more often appearing numbers and choosing a variety of lower and higher numbers within the same area is a great example of an easy strategy that could be followed.

Take a look at the payout chart before you start playing – you have to hit a minimum percentage to win. As soon as you are aware of what you are going for, and what is needed, you can focus on the particular game.

Make a smart use of the best online Keno bonuses when you register at an internet casino. The bigger percentage of new casinos and leading operators will provide a competitive bonus when you sign up, thus helping you when you begin with Keno or with some other games.

Keep in mind that this is a luck related game, rather than a skill related game. Selecting rather fewer numbers than too many will provide you with a higher probability of winning, but at the end, it is crucial to gamble sensibly and to observe the game.

Getting More Familiar with the Game of Online Casino Keno

A normal internet Keno game for real money includes a pay table, Keno card, and a few buttons. On the one hand, each internet Keno game varies a little from the others, but on the other, there are also some common features you will discover when you select to play on the web:

  • Pay table – it shows you what payout you will get for the total number of catches made. In the game of Keno, it is not certain that you will get paid out if you hit more numbers. Here you will get paid if you hit a high percentage of numbers. For instance, if you catch six of six chosen numbers, you can get sometimes 1800 times the amount of your wager, but if you catch six of fourteen chosen numbers, you could get just two times the amount of your bet.
  • Keno card – this one is, in essence, a huge grid of numbers. Imagine it as a big lottery ticket with numbers from one to eighty. In a usual internet Keno game, you will discover eight rows of ten numbers each.
  • Quick pick – instead of choosing the numbers by yourself, you can select the quick pick button and the system will pick them for you. This is similar to the quick pick feature available at most of the state lotteries.

How to Play Keno Online

If you can play the lottery, you will be able to play real money online casino Keno. Internet Keno is much simpler. Begin by choosing your numbers. In most internet casino games, you can select between one and fifteen numbers. How many you select is totally up to you. However, keep in mind, the bigger the numbers percentage that you catch, the bigger your payout will be.

online casino keno liveAs you click on your numbers, the payout table will start to get populated. This table has two columns most of the times: payout and hits. When you combine them, the information can be used to know the amount of money you can make if you catch a given amount of numbers. Which means that if the hits/payout table says 5/800, it means that you will get paid out eight hundred times the amount of your wager in case you hit five numbers.

You can make adjustments of your bet when you click the arrows beside the chosen amount of the wager. At some internet Keno casinos for real money, the arrows point down and up. In others, they could point right or left. Most of the times, the arrows are coloured and this way you know you can click on them.

If you have experience at playing slots, you are quite likely familiar with seeing the spin button. In slots, reels are activated by hitting the spin button. You will not discover a spin button at online casino Keno because no spinning is involved here. You will, however, discover a play one, play five, or a play ten button. This just gives the internet casino information about the number of rounds you want to play. In other words, you are selecting the number of casino Keno games in a row you want to play.

As soon as the Keno game for real money begins, twenty numbers will be drawn by the system, and each one will be checked off with a checkmark or an X (depending on your selected internet Keno casino). Then you will get paid out according to the total of numbers you have hit.

The Top Keno Casinos Online

Online Keno is a very enjoyable game, and you can ensure getting the top internet experience if you adhere to the casinos offering your favourite features like live online gaming and mobile compatibility. Take a look at several features to seek for and the reasons:

Choose a casino that offers a big payout percentage

The payout percentage is the amount a certain casino pays out in winnings which comes as a proportion of the amount of money bet on. For example, ninety-eight percent payout percentage means that ninety-eight dollars will be paid out by the casino on every hundred dollars placed in bets. The two remaining dollars are the casino’s profit.

Keep in mind that these ninety-eight percent is not what you will get back for any particular wager. The reason is that the percentage is a general figure calculated from thousands of players and within a period of many months. As a basic rule, however, it is a smart idea to select a casino that offers a high rate.

Play at the top online casino Keno websites

online casino keno gameThere is an issue with many online casinos. They pay a great attention to table games and slot machines and Keno remains an additional thing. Yes, a great number of casinos do not offer the deserved attention to the Keno players.

For example, it reveals itself in their software’s quality, as many exquisite casinos offer Keno games with sloppy gameplay and poor graphics. Moreover, the situation is similar with Keno bonuses. Some online gambling websites provide wonderful bonuses for table games and slots but disregard the Keno players.

And the question here is, of course, where to look? Begin with our page. We are devoted fans of online casino Keno for real money, so when we evaluate internet casino websites, the initial thing is to always check out their internet Keno offers. If they provide low-quality Keno, or do not provide Keno at all – these sites are not included in our list.

The very few top Keno casinos online that qualify are not immediately put in the list as well. We suggest only the top ones, which is the reason why each internet casino goes through a thorough evaluation process. We check carefully everything, including game selection, cashout speed, safety and security, deposit options, and the quality of customer service. The choice of games is a great deal for us. Because even the most devoted internet Keno players would like to have fun with other games too. So we ensure that our selection provides the top overall casino experience.

The Strategy of Online Casino Keno

If you want to gamble on keno, you should consider the right winning strategy.

Comprehending payout ratios

Keno is quite a simple game to play, and it does not come with many strategies. You just choose your numbers and cross fingers for the top results. However, on the other hand, you can use a certain amount of strategy to increase your probability of winning. Following the latest news can also be helpful.

Despite that each Keno site for real money gives higher payouts when you catch a bigger percentage of numbers, there are variations of the amounts paid by the casinos. Before you decide on your numbers, just play around and observe what the actual payout is for different situations. For instance, observe what are the payout difference between catching seven from twelve numbers and what it is when catching seven from fifteen numbers. According to the particular online Keno site, it could be smarter to select more numbers if there is a lower payout ratio.

Employing betting strategies

online casino keno ratCertainly, winning real money when playing online casino Keno is very random, and this cannot be changed. When it comes to blackjack, for example, you can avoid insurance or count the cards. When it comes to craps, you can avoid the big six or eight wager. When it comes to roulette, you can play different combinations of outside and column bets to increase your chances. And when it comes to internet Keno, you just sit and have fun observing the game.

However, you can still use some wagering strategy to increase your fun. Begin with wagering the minimum amount. If you win, increase your bets, and In case you lose, make it lower. Of course, it is not a sure way of winning but wagering strategies have brought wonderful outcomes for a lot of Keno players.

Keep in mind that, regardless of your betting strategy, always make sure to gamble within your budget and in no case make a deposit of a higher amount that you can afford.

The Rules of Online Casino Keno

The best online Keno is, in fact, one of the most commonly played games and the reason is that you do not have to comply with too many rules to win. On the other hand, do not ever play mindlessly. We recommend you take a note of the following before you begin choosing your numbers:=

  • There are eighty numbers on the Keno board. However, you are not able to check them all off. The number of them that you can check off depends on the particular casino, but the highest number is fifteen most of the times.
  • Despite that some casinos will allow you to play as few as just one number, there are internet casino websites requiring playing with at least two numbers.
  • If you are playing Keno for real money in a traditional brick and mortar casino, you have to wait for the particular Keno game to start before you can see the payouts. On the web, you can control when any game stars.

A short History of Keno

Supposedly, it originated at the China’s great wall and then it spread westward and the whole way to the internet casino Keno games played nowadays. Now we give you our short guide to the development and history of Keno across the centuries.

  • Despite that Keno is thought to be a word with Latin or French origin, the game was initially developed and played in China.
  • The legend says that the game was born out of the need of raising funds for the construction of the China’s great wall during war time.
  • Nowadays, a great number of provinces and countries worldwide use various lotteries for raising funds for infrastructure, healthcare and others.
  • In the ancient form of Keno, Chinese characters were used instead of numbers.
  • Keno was brought to the west by the Chinese during the nineteen century, more specifically the First Transcontinental Railroad construction.
  • At these times, Keno’s names were Puck-Apu and Boc Hop Bu.

Popular Questions About Online Casino Keno

online casino keno picKeno is a wonderful gambling game originating in China which has an easy gameplay allowing all types of players to have a great time with it. Because you might have some questions about it, we offer you this detailed frequently asked questions section which can help you play like a professional.

What is Keno?

Consider it as the lottery’s casino version. You choose combinations of numbers and your winning numbers are randomly chosen by a computer. The numbers vary from one to eighty and you can choose to select just one number or a combination of up to fifteen numbers. Similar to lottery, Keno offers players the probability of winning prizes that vary in amount from very small to stunningly big.

What does ninety-five percent return mean?

This is an evaluation over a long period telling you how often the games are won and for what amount. In case you win a game, then you will get a hundred percent of the game’s payout. On the other hand, it is essential to keep in mind that the Keno’s payouts are not a ratio but a set value. Thus, if you wager one dollar and win eight dollars, it means that you won seven dollars (the original one dollar payment is subtracted).

Is there a strategy for choosing numbers and increasing my odds?

Honestly, there is not. Similar to lottery Keno is, in general, a game of chance. Yes, you can find some software programs with strategies trying to figure out winning combinations, but mathematics and simple logic go against these.

Can I play online casino Keno for free?

Surely you can. Most internet Keno casinos provide free options of their offered games. Such games do not get you a payout, but they have many other things to offer. You can employ the free game option to practice playing, judge if the casino graphics appeal to your taste, and taking it easy with your selected strategy for choosing numbers.

online casino keno spinAs you play the free option of the best online Keno, you will observe the screen’s accumulation of winnings. That is one way to enjoy the game, watch the development of your skills and get a glimpse of the possibilities of winning if you were playing a game for real money. Of course, if you want to withdraw winnings, you need to play internet Keno games that involve real money wagers. The games for real money are absolutely the same as the free games, all you have to do is to register at the casino, create a new account and place real money bets which is a very easy thing to do.

What is the required age for an internet Keno player?

Each country has various gambling legal age requirements. No matter your age, you can play the casino games free options. You just have to meet your country’s legal age requirements to be able to place wagers for real money. There might be some additional age standards imposed by the internet casinos you are playing at.

Do taxes have to be paid on online casino Keno winnings?

The answer to this question depends on your particular country. Check thoroughly the laws to see if taxes are required on winnings from gambling and if yes, what is the way to pay them. The internet casino website will not take tax payments out of your money, and if they are due to be paid, you have to choose the appropriate time to do it. It is possible that you will be required to provide tax information to your casino, so that you can receive a report from them at tax time. This is a very serious matter. Avoiding tax paying is the simplest way to get in trouble with your government.

Can I trust the internet Keno casinos for their fairness?

It is crucial to choose top Keno casinos online with a good reputation and the ones that are under the regulation by their countries of registration are very fair and lucid. They do not have another choice unless they want to lose their legal status. If you select one of the internet Keno websites that we have offered, you can be confident that they are the best quality and are totally fair in their payouts and methods.

What do I need when it comes to software and equipment if I want to play online casino Keno?

online casino kenoIf you are already reading this page, there is a high probability that you possess all needed to play the best online Keno. All you have to have is a Mac, PC, Android or iPhone with an internet connection. When you select the online Keno casino of your preference, you will need to make a software download, or if you are a iPhone or Mac user, play using the web based apps meant for these devices.

Where can I find an online casino Keno website?

You can discover thousands of internet gambling casinos offering the gambling option of online casino Keno. Simply finding one is very easy. It gets more difficult to select one of the top Keno casinos online. That is where we can be helpful to you after having done all the difficult work of recognizing which websites provide the top security, payouts and graphics as well as other essential features. The only thing left for you is to sign up and start playing.

Glossary of Keno

  • Aggregate limit – This is the whole amount that casino has to provide as a payout for a single round. If the amount is reached, it is possible that players need to accept reduced winnings. When it comes to casino Keno games, where the total amount of payouts could reach stunningly high levels, this is a required feature for inclusion by the casino.
  • Balls – These are ping pong balls with labels showing the numbers between one and eighty. They are randomly picked to determine any particular round of Keno’s winners. The balls are to Keno as the wheel is to roulette and dice are to craps.
  • Bankroll – This is the available total amount of money that the player can use in Keno.
  • Bet – This is the total sum that the player can place a bet on a single ticket in a single round of Keno.
  • Caller – This is the caller at the casino who calls out the numbers that are winning while a Keno game is played.
  • Closed – This is the exact time before drawing of the Keno balls. While the game is closed, no more casino tickets could be written.
  • Draw – This is the panel consiting of twenty balls of Keno that are being drawn in any particular round. It shows the winning numbers.
  • Field – This is a gathering of circled, unmarked spots.
  • Flashboard – This is the digital displaying showing the numbers that have made up the draw.
  • Goose – This is a slang word used for the device that mixes up and after all, draws the balls of Keno. Do not be shocked if you meet great numbers of Keno players that have not even heard of this essential term.
  • Hit – This is a slang word used for a winning spot. You achieve it when any of your spots is matching a round’s draw number.
  • House – This is a slang word for the casino.
  • House edge – This is the actual percentage of any particular bet that according to the statistic expectation should be retained by the casino over the long run. A high house edge, for example, is not good for the players but is advantageous for the casino. Keno’s house edge is about thirty percent, which is higher than the average for casino games.
  • online casino keno cleoMark – You can see it on a ticket of Keno, and it serves to let you know which are the spots numbers. In many cases, a black crayon is used for the mark, provided exclusively for this purpose by the casino.
  • Open – The exact opposite of closed. This is any particular time when more Keno bets are accepted by the casino for the next draw.
  • Pay table – This is the diagram explaining the exact worth of a particular win.
  • Punch outs – This is a template provided by the house. Your original ticket of Keno is matched by a punch out, but on the other hand, all draw’s numbers are punched out. This makes it quite simpler for players to check in a brief time about winning tickets. Simply put it on top of your ticket and observe the spots showing through the holes.
  • Random number generator – A mechanism available in video games of online casino Keno that includes internet casinos and is used for the random creation of a draw. An unpredictable and fair instrument for a casino Keno game’s operation and also for the other casino games.
  • Spot – This is a slang word for any number that has been marked on a ticket of Keno.
  • Ticket – The actual piece of paper used by players to place their Keno bets. It includes an eighty numbers grid (the numbers start at one and end at eighty) and players can select the size of their wager and mark their spots on this document. After the bet has been placed, a copy has to be provided to the player.
  • Tournament – A very common way to play Keno which is organized by the casino that is hosting the game. The casino offers a series of casino Keno games, and there is a competition between the players for outperforming each other and winning the total amount of prize money. This is one of the top ways to enjoy the game thoroughly, as a tournament of Keno comes with absolutely different pace and overall feel than a classic session of Keno.
  • Way ticket – Any ticket of Keno containing two or more distinct wagers.
  • Writer – This is an employee of the casino interacting with Keno players. The responsibilities of authors include the acceptance of the already completed tickets of Keno, the issuing of the official digital ticket, the acceptance of the money for all bets and the paying out of any players that have winning tickets. Sometimes these employees are mistakenly referred to as dealers.

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