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Playtech Casinos Online – Always a Professional Experience

Playtech are a really heavy player when the casino software products are concerned, and in fact, it is the biggest publicly traded Internet betting and gaming software provider in the world. With more than fifty games coming out each year, and with a portfolio including table and card games, slots, fixed odds games and much more, players and operators alike are entitled to a continuous flow of emerging content. This is the reason why there are so many Playtech casinos available online, but we have confidence in claiming that the following are the truly top ones.

Welcome at our Playtech online casinos review page.If you would like to get more information about the software developer as well as the Playtech casinos before selecting where to play, make sure you read the whole article.

In this article, we take into consideration their broad range of games, and everything from live casino to slots is scrutinised. We consider how Playtech caters for the contemporary market by observing the choices provided in their mobile casino and we also offer you a quick look at their history. We choose our top ten games produced by Playtech and also sample the choice of their Live games.

After all, we have made sure that whatever information you are looking for in regards to the online Playtech Casinos, you can find it in this quite comprehensive article.

Their software

Before we jump into the details of the games offered by Playtech casinos and all the features, let us briefly consider this software provider.

In this Playtech Casinos online article, we should say that overall, we do like them because they provide a wonderful choice of slots, quite playable and varied. The selection for Live Casino is superb and in this aspect, Playtech is the best live casino provider along with Evolution Gaming. The fans of blackjack will be excited about the unique versions of their favourite game, such as Perfect Blackjack, which is available in most of the Playtech Casinos.

The best 10 games provided by Playtech

As we have already mentioned, the choice of games by Playtech is enormous and perpetually gets even larger as they regularly release new titles. Which are the games provided by Playtech that seem most interesting? Below you can see the most interesting and unique titles in the collection of Playtech which were chosen by our professional reviewers after a lot of research and testing.

  1. The blackjack surrender. This wonderful version of blackjack gives you the opportunity to surrender your hand, and you have probably already guessed that. It would cost you half of your initial bet to surrender your hand, and this opportunity is a very pleasant tactical Twist to blackjack. In many cases, it is much better to leave the scene with half than to lose everything but would you take the chance?
  2. Playtech has developed the amazing online casino slot Iron Man 2.Iron Man 2. This slot with fifty lines is the most suitable game for novices because it comes with a great variety of stake options that range from fifty pence to the shocking fifty thousand Pounds per spin! The wonderful slot game comes with key characters taken from the Iron Man movies. Mickey Rourke as Whiplash and Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man are just a few of them. The slot comes with the normal wild features, the scatter features and also ten free games feature which has the additional benefit of an increasing multiplier. A truly wonderful slot which comes with the additional benefit have clips taken from the movie. This is one of the most popular titles that the developer has, so you will be able to find it all of the Playtech casinos.
  3. The Monty Python themed Spamalot. While taking the risk of showing our real age, we reveal that we are big Monty Python fans and we are very glad that Playtech delivers the unique Monty Python humour to the new generations. Spamalot comes with elements of the Monty Python TV shows and films to make an extremely engaging and amusing slot. Some of the hilarious bonus rounds are when you are battling your way along the Black Knight while at the same time avoiding the cows that are thrown by the French. The game comes with twenty betting lines and five reels and features mind-blowing sounds and graphics. Whenever you play it, please keep in mind to Always look on the bright side of life!
  4. Enjoy playing live roulette at a Playtech casino!The live Roulette. If you are on your quest for amazing visuals and the Monte Carlo feeling brought to your home, then you have to settle on the stunning live Roulette by Playtech. Besides the live Roulette, Playtech also provides wonderful twelve roulette versions, and this is the highest number provided by a software supplier. We advise you to give live games a chance, and there is no better place for that, than in one of the Playtech casinos.
  5. Do you like both slots and roulette? If you choose to play in one of the top Playtech casinos, you will have access to tons of Marvel games. This includes Marvel roulette, with which you do not need to select between roulette and slots, you can simply have them both! This game is exclusively provided by Playtech and successfully combines the best features of both. Coming with the stunning four progressive jackpots, this game offers something for all players. The gameplay is quite similar to the classic roulette, and the exception is the additional symbol – the Marvel Bonus. If you place a bet on it and in case it come in, you will be able to play a particular fruit machine game. If you get three Spiderman symbols, you will get the great 100x stake.
  6. The Top Trumps football Legends. We would certainly not make a list of our best games provided by Playtech without the inclusion of this wonderful game. Sure, it is not as flashy as many of the others, but a game that includes such legendary players like Marco Van Basten, Pele, Bobby Charlton and Wayne Rooney has to be included in our best ten games. Certainly, our decision has been largely influenced by nostalgia. However, Playtech have done a spectacular job with this fifteen line and five reels slot and have succeeded in bringing back sweet childhood memories.
  7. The Little Britain slot. In case you are a big fan of the totally hilarious TV show Little Britain, you will appreciate this online casino slot which is inspired by one of the most controversial and outrageous programmes in the UK. This amazing five reel slot that has thirty paylines comes with all of your favourite characters from this show, from Daffyd Thomas ‘The only gay in the village’ to the ‘Fat Fighter’.
  8. Try The Incredible Hulk 50 Lines Playtech slot game!The Incredible Hulk. Yes, we admit that for the second time in the same article we show our real age, but this has always been a great favourite of ours. It inundates us with childhood memories of the time when we watched the TV show on a Saturday night with our family. This superb twenty-five line and five reel slot comes with amazingly clear sound and graphics which create a truly special atmosphere. Similar to most slots by Playtech, the feature rounds are all that matter. One of our favourites is Hulk smash, and it certainly will not make you angry and green when you win Big from it. This game features four progressive jackpots.
  9. The Rocky slot. This twenty-five payline and five reel slot offers a strong blow as you attack the biggest enemies of Rocky Balboa and claim not only the Heavyweight title but also a substantial jackpot. The stakes range is from the minuscule 0.01 Pounds to the quite big five Pounds per line which makes it 1250 Pounds per spin. This is the perfect slot game for the high rollers. The bonus rounds come with full motion video taken from the most popular films with Rocky and this product licensed by MGM will pump up your adrenaline level without the need to go to the gym.
  10. Jacks or Better: We do agree that Dolby 7.1 sound and flashy graphics are great, but on some occasions, players just want to relax and play something familiar which does not require too much concentration. This is the beauty of this game. It is video poker in its easiest form. If you have not played online poker for real money before, you should know that the hand rankings are like these in classic poker, although pairs count only if they are Jacks or above. Despite that it is quite simple, it is a wonderful game to which you would go back again and again. In case you win, you can gamble on the next card’s colour, and if you feel that it is your lucky day, you can even try to guess the suite.

Overview of the live casino games by Playtech

The concept of live casinos is quite a new one because they were not possible or even thought of twenty years ago. However, technology has advanced at such a rapid rate that live casino with HD streaming, and customer interaction is a crucial component of any Internet casino. Keep in mind that the various operators can alter the maximum and minimum stakes and the current information is just an indication.

Playtech provides all the traditional games familiar to the players, such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat but they also offer innovative and exclusive new games such as Casino Hold’em, unlimited blackjack and double screen roulette.

Playtech – a glimpse of the mobile gaming future

Enjoy playing Playtech games even on your mobile device!

Playtech is one of the genuine pioneers when it comes to mobile gaming, and you will be able to see that in the history section included in this article. They released their mobile platform considerably before the other competitors, and in many ways, it was the reason for their later success.

These pioneering vision and adaptation mean that Playtech possesses quite valuable experience when the emerging markets are considered. The United Kingdom customers are increasingly accessing content on their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and this approach is certainly what the players need.

In 2012 Playtech began a cooperation with Mobenga (mobile experts who will later be purchased by Playtech) for developing and deploying the Mobile Hub. This is a cross-platform interface allowing users to switch between various devices with the use of one account. This makes for a smooth gaming experience.

The Mobile Hub is an open framework which greatly diminishes time for development and in addition, makes it quite simple for online Playtech casinos to customise the feel and look of their games and to add their individual branding. Because it has been built on HTML5, the compatibility with various devices is provided and this again saves money and time for the developer and also makes a smoother experience for the player who wants to use more than one device.

The Playtech’s commitment to the development of mobile gaming is so great that they have hired more than three hundred developers to work on future products. This is a fruitful investment for the players, the company and the business in general. Playtech are progressively thinking and flexible enough to easily adapt to all alterations in user demand.

A Short History of Playtech and company overview

If you had to answer where this company was founded first, it is quite unlikely that your first guess will be Estonia. Playtech was created in 1999 all of the vision of Teddy Sagi for uniting talented professionals within the casino business with a top level software engineers. Playtech continue to grow, and their market cap is one billion and six hundred million Pounds – double the value when they were initially listed on the London Stock Exchange. Playtech have more than 3000 employees in nine various countries. They have made deals with Top Trumps, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Endemol Gaming, Platinum Studios, Paramount, Universal, NBC, Marvel, 20th Century Fox and many others, so you can expect that a lot more films and shows you are familiar with will appear in future games.

Honesty, security and safety at Playtech

Can I feel safety playing the Playtech casino games?

A crucial aspect of every casino software is the RNG or the random number generator. In opposition to some operators who use PRNG (pseudorandom number generator), the one powering the software of Playtech is a genuinely random number generator, ensuring a complete game integrity.

For a complete transparency, Playtech has been certified by GLI (Gaming Labs International) – they are a highly reputable, globally recognised testing company. Gaming Labs International works on a regular basis with industry operators, suppliers, manufacturers and regulators for ensuring that its tested products operate in a secure and fair way and are subjected to an auditing.

Since Playtech employs more than one thousand developers on their projects, for the smooth running of things, the company has implemented a fully automated code review system provided by Checkmarx – security consultants. With a great amount of effort put into detail, you can be certain that all Playtech powered games are totally secure and safe.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I have to register with the operator to play in Playtech casinos?

A: Not at all, because Playtech supply their games to various casino operators and you are not able to register an account with Playtech.

Q: What is the number of casinos that use software provided by Playtech?

Playtech also develops bingo games for casinos.A: In this Playtech Casinos online article, we should say that there are over eighty companies that use software provided by Playtech and these are not only online casinos. Playtech are present in no less than twenty markets which include sports betting, bingo and poker.

Q: Do I have to make any software download in order to play?

A: In most of the cases, you will be able to play the games in your web browser, regardless of the used device. However, some of the games are available only when you make a software download. We should not forget that it becomes more and more rarer.

Q: Am I able to play in Playtech casinos on my mobile device?

A: You are, most of the games will work perfectly fine on both iOS and Android devices.

Thank you for reading our article about Playtech casinos. We hope that we gave you enough information to make a informed choice. Keep visiting our website for more relevant articles and regular updates.