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Can I win from an online casino?

What are the odds of winning in an…

Obviously, people will not win at every casino game; they are only going to win at specific ones. These vary regarding their odds as they can differ when it comes to online casinos and land-based ones. For example, winning at slot games in an online operator is quite different from doing so in a brick-and-mortar… Read more »
Why are Konami making casino games?

Konami enhanced their European presence

We all know about Konami, they have been with us through our entire lives, or at least for most of us. They created some of our favourite games when we were children, teens and now develop gambling software when we are adults. Note that they still make games for PS4 and Nintendo, so your kids… Read more »
Why is there an increase in FOBT losses?

Punters lose an additional £126m on…

The number of money people is losing on crack cocaine terminals in bookies has increased in spite of the Government’s crackdown. The fixed-odds betting terminals, allow gamblers to stake up to £100 three times for one minute on games like Roulette. To minimise the harm, ministers introduced a law which bans them from wagering over… Read more »
What is more likely to happen than Arsenal to defeat Munich?

7 things bookmakers think are more…

Even the if you are the most delude and passionate Arsenal fan, you know that it is highly unlikely. Even Arsene Wenger stated that there is only a 1-2% chance to happen. However, there are probably several Gunners fans who think that they still can come back from 5-1 to knock out Munich. Well, no,… Read more »
Will Kris Marshall be the next Doctor?

Bookies cease bets on Kris Marshall to…

After Peter Capaldi had stepped down his role as a Time Lord in Doctor Who, the star from My Family star was one of the first names to be the 13th incarnation of the Doctor. However, Marshall’s odds have been slashed so much in the last 24 hours that bookies had to cease all betting…. Read more »
How to use stats to beat the bookies?

Statisticians from Cardiff University…

If you are a gambler, this probably sounds like a dream come true. However, a team of statisticians is actually working on ways to defeat the bookmakers by predicting the results of sports events. The statisticians at Cardiff Uni are using big data they have collected from thousands of past events. The mathematicians have created… Read more »
What is our online gambling behaviour?

The Gambling Commission’s behaviours…

The Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom has released quite the comprehensive study on the consumers’ participation in gambling-related activities in Britain during 2016. The report covers the awareness, attitudes, and behaviours of the users in relation to gambling, and some more general statistics on demographics. Populus gathered the data via a combination of online… Read more »