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7 things bookmakers think are more likely than Arsenal to beat Bayern Munich

What is more likely to happen than Arsenal to defeat Munich?

Even the if you are the most delude and passionate Arsenal fan, you know that it is highly unlikely. Even Arsene Wenger stated that there is only a 1-2% chance to happen. However, there are probably several Gunners fans who think that they still can come back from 5-1 to knock out Munich. Well, no, that cannot happen.

If we consider the object nature of their 5-1 defeat during the first leg, the probability of Arsenal to overturn the deficit at the Emirates and to progress to the quarter-finals of the Champions League is so small that it is virtually non-existent.

Well, at least the bookies are here to do the best job and illustrate the Gunner’s hopeless situation. Before the first leg in Germany, the Frenchman’s side was 2/1 to knock out Munich and qualify for the last eight. Currently, after they got destroyed in Bavaria, they are 25/1 to qualify. There is no need to mention that that is just a colossal change.

However, there is more. The odds for a 4-0 win for Arsenal are 100/1. Just a reminder that this is the result that the Gunners need. Well, it gets even worse. These things are more likely to happen than Gunners to win:

  • Alien life to be discovered until the end of the year: 10/1
  • England to win the next World Cup: 16/1
  • Piers Morgan to close his Twitter account: 10/1
  • Tottenham to win the league: 16/1
  • Donald Trump to open a hotel in Mexico: 8/1
  • James Bond to be a woman: 22/1
  • Snowing in the UK in June, July or August: 14/1