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What is Awards for all?

Three Dundee Groups Received Lottery…

Three Dundee groups have just received grants for funding that range between £1,500 and £9,050. This is all thanks to the Awards for All programme. It is part of the National Lottery, and it gives small grants that make a large difference in communities. The funding was shared among 103 sports, arts, and community groups… Read more »
Are the women who forged the will prosecuted?

A Woman Forged an Old Man’s Will And…

The woman who was accused of forging the will of an old man to get a share of his £320,000 estate stated that it is similar to winning the lottery. The 53-year-old Karen O’Brien appeared in court yesterday where she pleaded innocent to conspiring to counterfeit James Wilmot’s will. Jim passed away back in 2014,… Read more »
Will Jeremy Corbyn stay at the Labour Party?

William Hill Ask You If Jeremy Corbyn…

The Labour Party is maintaining its heartland seat which may have seen Jeremy Corbyn avoid a complete disaster during last week’s political event. However, the party’s current leader still has an alarming task ahead of him if he wants to be the official Party representative for the following General Election. Regarding leadership in Camp Labour,… Read more »
How to protect the red squirrels?

The Red Squirrel Army Won Lottery…

A grant of approximately £2.5 million will help enlist hundreds of volunteers to make sure of the long-term survival of the populations of the Scottish red squirrels. SWT (The Scottish Wildlife Trust) was awarded the funds from HLF (the Heritage Lottery Fund). This project aims to help train hundreds of people as well as land… Read more »
How to help young problem gamblers in Scotland?

Bookmakers Offer Help To Young Problem…

Bookies are targeting young gamblers in a scheme by to prevent serious problems later in their lives. This project aims to teach the youth about the dangers that are associated with gambling and offer to counsel to those who are already affected. It is known that 18-year-olds are not allowed in gambling shops, and there… Read more »
Why did GambleAware Target the Youth?

GambleAware Launched a Pilot for Online…

GambleAware launched its first video advertising campaign that promotes awareness of the problem gambling. The online pilot, which is targeted at people aged between 16 and 24, and it will be released on Youtube in the North West and East of England. There are two adverts that have been produced for the campaign so far,… Read more »
What is the impact of social gaming?

The Incredible Impact of Social Gaming

Gaming has evolved quite a lot during the past decade, and it is no longer a solo experience thanks to Social Gaming. Whether you are talking about online casinos or the modern generation of gaming consoles, Social Gaming is connecting people all around the globe in pursuit of the ultimate gaming experience and course enjoyment…. Read more »