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Konami’s newest direction

Why did konami leave the video games world?

An authentic titan in the video game development and publishing world, Konami decided to move away from the business sector where it made its name in the last several years. The organisation cancelled the newest game in the Silent Hill series and publicly parted with Hideo Kojima, the man who is to video games like Quentin Tarantino is to cinema. By doing so, Konami moved to re-focus its endeavours on mobile gaming and gambling, by launching a number of casino games.

Since the company is a supplier to the gaming industry, its newest focus is on the game of pachinko. This is a Japanese game that is similar to slot machines that line in the traditional Vegas Casinos. It is not very popular in the west. However, Bloomberg-compiled data that shows that Japanese punters have wagered approximately $203bn on pachinko and slots in 2015.

While the video game series fans will now find their latest versions dotting pachinko parlours, the home console market might lament the financially driven nature to this brand new direction. It is tough to begrudge Konami, as they make what it feels like the best use of their intellectual property and assets.

So, to sum up, most of Konami’s fans are of their prior work in the home video game console market. However, now they will have to claim to understand the disappointment that that their favourite games will not receive follow-ups. Moreover, from Konami’s perspective walking the new grounds in casino and mobile gaming is a decision that was primarily driven by commercial reasons, and since the Japanese casino market will be open in the next several years, it might prove to be a thoroughly astute one.