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Wales will have a weekly lottery of over £20k

When will I be able to play the Wales lottery?

Wales is going to have its own personal weekly lottery, the jackpot in which will exceed £20,000. The first draw will take place at the beginning of April. The details were unveiled today. These included that the weekly draw is of £25k, the maximum amount that the lottery is able to offer under the lottery society rules.

The winners of the lotto jackpot will have to match 5 of the 39 numbers, and there will be other prizes that will be on offer in case you match less numbers. The tickets will be priced at £1 and you can buy them if you are at least 16 or older from the 10th of April at can be bought by anyone aged 16 or on their website. The weekly draw is going to be broadcasted on S4C every Friday evening at 8 pm from the 28th of April. The prizes are going to be funded primarily from the ticket sales.

You will have a better in 1:9 chance to win a prize. Moreover, every single ticket, unless it scooped a jackpot will enter in loto+, which is a monthly raffle that offers 10 prizes that equal £1,000. Sue Carter, the chief executive used to be a Yahoo director as well as a journalist, editor, and producer for BBC. If you want to find out more information about this incredible lottery, we advise you to visit the lottery’s official website.