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The Victoria Gate Casino in Leeds received 1,000 Job Applications

The Victoria Gate Casino in Leeds received 1,000 Job Applications

Since the Victoria Gate Casino opened its doors three months ago, over 1,000 people applied to work there. So the first set of employees were enrolled in training.

Approximately 35 new employees have started the first of 3, six-week Casino School courses.

Each one of them lives in the Leeds area, and half of them are currently not in the Education, Training, or Employment category, which demonstrates the company’s pledge to employ at least 90% of the staff members from the region.

The new employees that enrolled in the National Gaming Academy courses will finish with a Level 2 Diploma in Gambling Operations if they pass the exams.

The course is a total of 180 hours, and it covers three main games – blackjack, poker, and roulette. It also includes the gambling legislation, customer service, social responsibility, health and safety, as well as odds-based mathematics.

The teaching is carried out by both in person and the e-learning portal, with regular video assessment to test the trainee’s knowledge.

The venue will soon generate approximately 205 full-time jobs across with various roles. These include gaming, bar staff, waiting, cooking, greeting, security, and of course, administrative staff.

As well as gambling that includes a 150-player poker room, nearly 30 live gaming tables, and over 130 slot machines, the casino will have large screens for sports, a restaurant, and two bars.

The gaming destination is the first super casino located in the north, and it occupies 50,000 square feet.

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