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Pinnacle Claimed Massive Growth In Esports Betting During 2016

Pinnacle Claimed Massive Growth In Esports Betting During 2016
Pinnacle released a few figures from this year’s esports betting, which show that the company has seen remarkable growth in yet another year. The bookie stated that its esports year-on-year bet count grew by approximately 127%. Some of that growth was driven by the addition of more betting options. However, there is no doubt that the primary driver is the growing interest in esports betting on a global scale.

Unfortunately, not all esports are growing

Dota 2 has been the top growing sport for the past years, which Pinnacle reports has increased to 205%. CS: GO takes the second spot with 166% and finally League of Legends is 3rd with 98%. StarCraft, however, has dropped by 21%. Overwatch was released in May this year, but it already following by a mass of fans.

Esports betting is still a tough market

If companies such as Pinnacle want to address the esports fan base, it means that they want to hit a demographic which does not have experience with betting on sports or any forms of gambling. Moreover, creating a product which will trigger the wagering interest of esports fans is a bit different than building it for live sports per se. There is no need to say that there are various types of betting events, diverse types information. The biggest issue is that this is a growing environment, so there are more chances of fraud. Currently, the top esports betting operators are Skybet, Pinnacle, and Bet365. Moreover, they are devoting massive resources to locking in an early market share, which will generate a growing proportion of revenues over the years to come.