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The Teenager Who Won £1 Million Says That It Ruined Her Life

Why is the teenage who won 1 million miserable?

Imagine that you wake up one day and realise that you have won the lottery that would pretty great, right? Jane Park does not seem to think that way. Four years ago, when she was 17, she scooped up £1 million and became Britain’s youngest Euro Millions winner ever. However, she stated that it made her life miserable.

Jane shared with the Loose Women Panel that she never realised how tough it would be.  She thought that everything would be amazing, but there are some times in which it is completely different from what you assume it would be.  Park stated that there are the good times when you go shopping and buy everything you want, and there are times when it is the exact opposite.

The winner was asked if she expects sympathy from the public for her comments on her situation. She replied that she received much hate on social media such as Twitter. However, she understands and relates to those people because before she won the lottery, she was in a similar situation, and very often had troubles making ends meet.

Thus, the Loose Women Panel, as well as people on the social media asked one very relevant question: “If the money is making her miserable, why doesn’t she give it away”?

Jane answered that even though she feels sad most of the time, there are some happy moments as well. Moreover, she would like to start a family soon and wants to be able to provide for them.

People’s reactions were mixed, there were some who supported her, but most of them could not relate to her at all.