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The Bookies’ Prefferred Option to Replace Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who Is an Interesting Choice

Who will be the next Doctor?

There is no need to mention that when it was announced that Peter Capaldi’s next season on the show would be his last the internet went to the usual swell of “Guess Who” for the next Gallifreyan.

The speculation by the entertainment and fan base pundits for the role is only matched by that of James Bond, and similar to that franchise, there is a talk about a gender switch-up for the following Doctor.

This brings us to the bookmaker’s favourite. So, bookies have also noticed the fan base screaming for a woman Doctor in the past several years, and their current fave is (drum-roll) Tilda Swinton.

We realise that some of you more hardcore fans are probably not ready for such a change, but times are progressing so we might actually get a female Doctor.

That is right, the Oscar-winning actress of Constantine and The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe, and Doctor Strange is currently on top of the pack with the odds of 7/2.

Following Swinton is her current love interest: the actor Kris Marshall (yes that is the guy who went all the way to the United States to get a girlfriend). He is at 4/1 and followed by Olivia Colman at 5/1 (Broadchurch). There are also Maxine Peake from Shameless at 8/1 as well as Ben Whishaw at 10/1, you might know him from his Q role in the recent Bond movies.

This even attracted the attention of the best-seller Sci-fi author Neil Gaiman, who claimed his favourites at Radio 5Live. They are Gillian Anderson, Helen Mirren and Sue Perkins from The Great British Bake Off.