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William Hill Turned to Hollywood for a New Fast Commercial

William Hill Turned to Hollywood for a New Fast Commercial

The United Kingdom bookmaker William Hill, turned to the Hollywood director Paul W. S. Anderson in an endeavour to move away from the clichés that the gambling industry rolls out when it comes to commercials.

Back in 1999, the popular online store patented the 1-Click purchase. Since then it has been the largest online shopping centre in history and has earned billions of dollars. They managed to do so because their customers find everything they need and purchase it at ease. After all, everything you have to do is pick an item, click a button and wait for it to appear.

With the exception of Paddy Power, the commercials for sports betting all follow the same direction and the pub type format. The head of advertising and content for William Hill, Pete Spiers, called this phenomenon the “white noise of sports betting marketing.”

After all, if you want to stand out and create a piece of art, there is the only place you can turn to. Spiers formed the original idea, afterwards Bark & Bite worked on producing it, and finally Paul W. S. Anderson was selected to do the rest. Some of his works include Resident Evil, Alien vs. Predator and the 2008 remake of the Death Race.

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