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William Hill Refuse to Pay a Retired Man £800 over Tiny Mistake

william hill refuse pensioner winnings

The casino giant declined a pensioner to take his winnings because he accidentally wrote down wrong time for the race. His name is John Langton, and he placed a £5 double wager on the dogs.

He misread the time for the race and wrote down 10.48, rather than 10.46. That is right; only a two-minute difference is making an 81 years old man is holding what should be a winning ticket, instead of the money he fairly won.

John has been gambling with William Hill since the 1960’s were when they became a bookmaker. He stated, “I feel very down, very disappointed as I have betted with them almost my whole life.”

On Saturday morning, he went to the bookie, just like he did every week and wagered on track six to win track three in two races, which are at 10.46 and 11.07. His first bet was on 10/1, so he won £50. The latter one was 16/1, which means that he should have been given £800 in total.

John then realized he had written down the wrong time, the staff member who sold him the ticket told him that it would be okay for him to take his winnings. However, when he went to the shop to do so, he was turned away by the area manager.

When “The Echo” approached a spokesperson for the casino, he stated that they would look into Mr. Langton’s case.