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Playtech Names Dr. Armin Sageder As The CEO Of Sports Betting

Playtech Names Dr. Armin Sageder As The CEO Of Sports Betting

The governance of the technology provider Playtech Plc just announced that Dr. Armin Sageder is appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the sports wagering division at Playtech.

The new CEO will take leadership of the company’s sports betting hand after joining the industry software provider in July. This happened after Playtech’s €140 million acquisition of BGT, which is a sports betting supplier based in Vienna.

This appointment sees Playtech unify its assets of BGT, Mobenga, Unilogic, and Geneity as well as its in-house trading team. The new division will be called Playtech BGT.

It will be headquartered in Cyprus, and Dr. Sageder will be accounting directly to Playtech’s Chief Executive of Operations Mor Weizer.

Following significant investments in the company’s sports betting portfolio, the Playtech governance released details that it has grown its division to more than 600 employees based in Malmö, Nicosia, London, Vienna, Sofia, and Bremen.

The appointment of Dr. Sageder as the new CEO of sports, Playtech stated that it had found the proper man to deliver its vision of creating the best in the multiple class channels betting platform.

Playtech BGT will now try to turn into the market leader in sports betting software, service the industry value chain, which includes mobile devices, online platform provisions, payments, self-service betting terminals.

Updating investors on the appointment of Dr. Sageder the CEO, Playtech stated that he is delighted that Armin accepted this role and he firmly believes that he is the best possible person to take their sports offer to the next level.