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Brits Revealed the First Thing They Will Do if They Win the Lottery

Brits Revealed the First Thing They Will Do if They Win the Lottery

2,000 British residents filled a poll-answering what they would do if they scoop £1 million in the lottery, and how becoming rich would change their everyday habits.

One out of three Brits shared that the first thing they would do is a massive food shop at Mark’s and Spencer. Approximately 55% agreed that being loaded includes at least two luxury trips to an exotic location. 33% said that they would have dinner at a restaurant at least twice a week, and almost half agreed that they would hire a personal trainer.

Only 18% said that they want a personal chauffeur to drive them around. The female/male divide on how to spend £1 million showed that the women are four times more likely to go on luxury clothes shopping trip. Moreover, 14% of the females agreed that that would be the first thing they would do and 3% of men shared that opinion.

The poll also showed that 36% of women said that they would book a luxury break right away, in contrast to 34% of males. 9% of men shared that they would purchase a new car, compared to only 4% of females.

Only 10% of women would go searching for a new home right away when compared to their halves to 17%. Moreover, below 5% of both genders stated that they would use the money to pay off their mortgage.

Just a bit over 21% of women shared that they would go out for a fancy dinner as soon as they scooped the cash, compared to 15% of men.

It was quite interesting to read how people would react to such a situation, but you never know until it happens. The team behind wishes you the best of luck in your lottery endeavours!