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Learn About the Best Bitcoin Casinos – a Gambling Guide

This is our page about the top Bitcoin casinos. Many of the top internet casinos currently provide more than a thousand games, which include roulette, baccarat, online slots, poker, Hold’em, blackjack, craps and pretty much any casino game you can imagine.

One of the newest trends in internet casinos is the increased popularity of Bitcoin(BTC) gambling. Our team of professional reviewers has meticulously scoured the web to find the best online Bitcoin casinos, and these people have brought reviews that players from all over the globe read and trust. As a result, our reviewers highly recommend Slots. lv Casino as the top place for playing casino online games and also for using Bitcoin for making deposits, withdrawals and bets. We constantly update the newest online Bitcoin casinos, the other sports betting and poker websites and provide reviews about them so you can make the best choice for you.

Which online casinos accept Bitcoin?All of our recommended sites provide a wonderful casino online experience using Bitcoin.

When you play at internet casinos that accept Bitcoin you can take advantage of all these:

  • Lower house edge (between one and two percent) than the classic online casinos.
  • Quicker transactions than the usual banking methods.
  • You can make deposits and withdrawals and play anonymously.

Introducing Bitcoin

What are Bitcoins and what is their origin? And also, how did they emerge into Bitcoin gambling?

In essence, Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is decentralised, which means that it does not exist physically like real money and it does not have a central bank like the Federal Reserve. This currency is used by over a hundred thousand people and various businesses worldwide, allowing the trading of thousands of dollars each day without the need of a middleman or the involvement of a credit card company.

Among the aforementioned businesses are dozens of online Bitcoin casinos, each one offering its own portfolio of games such as online slots and roulette to the crypto-currency users.

The advantages of Bitcoin for making internet gambling payments

Over a hundred thousand people and many businesses worldwide use Bitcoin. Among the businesses, there are dozens of online Bitcoin casinos that offer online slots, baccarat, poker, roulette and more.

What are the advantages of wagering with Bitcoin?One of the main benefits of casino using Bitcoin over standard gambling sites is the substantially lower house edge – usually between 1.5% and 2%. Because of this, casino playing becomes more attractive in the long run with Bitcoin.

Multiple sites offer “probably fair” games which means that since transparent algorithms power the wagering on the internet Bitcoin casinos, there is virtually no way for the particular site to choose numbers which make players lose. This rule applies also to Bitcoin live casino games.

When you are looking for the top Bitcoin online casino, it is essential to initially check the reputation of the site and do a little research. Sites like ours and various gambling communities play a crucial part in ensuring the safety of internet casino players.

Bitcoin for casino apps and mobile gaming

If any new online gambling site is meant to succeed in the contemporary digital age, it needs to provide a wonderful mobile experience. It does not matter if you use a tablet, Android, Apple, Blackberry or Windows phone, most of the casinos using Bitcoin provide mobile versions of the games. Most of the BTC sites run on HTML5 which means that you do not need to download specific software so you can start playing right after you have made your initial deposit.

There are a few existing Bitcoin casino apps but even making a download and starting to play on an app is really easy and fast. Besides the somehow more limited choice of games, your actual experience playing on mobile for real Bitcoins would be pretty much the same as when you play on your PC. Using your tablet, Android or Apple phone, or other device, you should first sign up for an account, make a deposit of some BTCs and then immediately be able to start playing the top casino online games.

The steps of setting up a Bitcoin account

It does not matter how wonderful Bitcoin is, no one would really use it if it was not so simple to set up an account.

Fortunately, that is how it is, and even the most unfamiliar with Bitcoin players are able to get BTCs and start playing at one of the best online Bitcoin casinos in a matter of minutes by going through these simple steps:

  • How to open a Bitcoin Wallet?First step: you will have to go to a specific website and get a “wallet” for your bitcoins. Keep in mind that there are various types of wallets (hardware, software and online wallets), each offering benefits and downsides. On you can find an excellent explanation on how to select the suitable wallet for you and how also to secure it and back it up.
  • Second step: once you have got your wallet, now you should get some Bitcoins for it. A friend may give you some, you can exchange them straight from your bank account, or you can also buy them from various internet websites. However, the most common way to get Bitcoins is using online exchanges like Mt GoX or using a bank transfer at sites such as Coinbase.
  • Third step: Now that you have Bitcoins in your wallet, you are ready to choose a casino online accepting BTC and sign up for an account like you would with any online real money casino. When you go to the option for deposit, you will choose Bitcoin, the sum you would like to put into the account, and then you can instantly start playing.

Frequently asked questions about Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

This is a digital currency that can be used on the web for paying for services and products just like you pay with real cash. It was invented by the computer programmer Satoshi Nakamoto who is pretty much anonymous despite his hugely successful product.

Over a hundred thousand people worldwide use Bitcoin, trading thousands of dollars each day without the need of a middleman or the involvement of a credit card company. Bitcoin gambling is quite appealing to users who do not want to use more traditional methods such as Western Union or Visa, because they involve many restrictive fees.

How does it work?

How does the Bitcoin payment work?Most of the people simply buy Bitcoins from certain websites or get them as a kind of payment from a friend or from someone else. The Bitcoins originate, and could be obtained when you go through the process of mining.

The Bitcoin “miner” is an app on your PC generating (or “mining”) Bitcoins. All of the miner apps are within a connected network generating BTCs at a rate that does not devalue the currency by the way of flooding the market (what happens when too much real money is printed). As soon as a Bitcoin is mined, there is an addition of e-signature and it becomes a part of the Bitcoin network, with an availability for exchanging as payment.

The unique thing when it comes to Bitcoins is that there is a finite total number of them at any particular time. Their number would never be more than twenty-one million, and according to estimations, this number will be reached in the year 2140.

Do Bitcoin allow casino payments online?

There are currently dozens of online Bitcoin casinos, all of them providing a unique package of games such as online slots and roulette to crypto-currency users. Is it legal? The legal status of gambling using Bitcoins varies between the different countries, but most western countries do not have laws against it.

Bitcoin is perfect for online gamblers who live under regulatory systems that are more restrictive, such as in the USA, and the reason is that Bitcoin gambling is not regulated by US gambling laws because they address only the wagering and winning of real money. Can I trust that this method is safe?

Since most types of Bitcoin wallets require a person to both possess your wallet’s login information and also the physical device where the wallet is located, it is extremely difficult to hack a Bitcoin wallet, especially in case the hacker lives far from you.

How quick is the making of deposits and withdrawals?

As opposed to some more standard banking methods that you can use at the best internet casinos (such as e-wallets and credit cards), both the payments and withdrawals at the Bitcoin casinos are immediate.

How is it in comparison to the other alternatives?

How is Bitcoin in comparison to the other alternatives?For the players who value immediate transactions, lower house edges and are not willing to provide their individual bank details, standard banking methods cannot compete with playing with the use of Bitcoin. The only disadvantage to BTC gambling is that their values fluctuate: if your Bitcoins value goes down, you will not be able to make a withdrawal of as much cash.

When you use e-wallets such as Paypal, you have to tie your account to your bank. That is not the case with Bitcoin wallets, and because of this (among many other reasons) they are conceived to be a lot more secure method of payment.

Should I pay any fees?

At the end of our page about the Bitcoin casinos, we should say that you can buy Bitcoins and send them peer to peer across the web without the need to go through a clearing house or a bank. The best Bitcoin casinos have relatively low fees. The market price of a Bitcoin is not constant and always changes because of the dynamics of supply and demand.