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Gambling addict stole from women he met on dating sites

What happened to the man who stole from his girlfriends?

A punter was locked up after he pledged undying love to two women and left them penniless and homeless. Craig Brown managed to woo both of the victims whom he had met through a dating website. After the women had fallen for him, he swindled them out of approximately £700,000.

Brown created an alter-ego as a boss of a company. However, in reality, he is hooked on gambling and unemployed. The 47-year-old convict drained his girlfriends’ accounts, which left one of them living in a caravan. When one of the women confronted him, he stamped on her and wrenched locks from her hair. However, Brown’s alter-ego caught up with him at Warwick Crown Court. He was jailed for five years and six months after he admitted to four charges of fraud and two for assault.

However, he was not tricking only strangers. On one occasion, he spoke that he had grand plans for a holiday in Florida for the entire family. The convict’s sister, Lesley Dickinson, gave him £2,225 for the sunshine break. However, he failed to show up on the day of the flight. It then became obvious that the holiday was not booked.

Both of the women he stole from the thought that they found the right man are now trying to rebuild their lives. We have agreed not to share their names, but one of them told the court that Brown ruined her life and she lost all of her savings, investments and even her house. However, it does not end there. One of the victims’ father was sucked in by this elaborate sting. He parted with about £450,000 to help the couple fulfil their Mediterranean dream.